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New Pattern----kids sized

You remember this post? The one searching for a messenger bag for a child? Well, i of course made up my own and now you can have it too!!!! how about that?!
Story Time:
I have a boy who is in Boy Scouts of course and each week he rides to the meeting on his bike. He dangles a plastic bag with his book and pencil on the handle bar and off he goes. That is not the safest thing to do, now is it? The solution? The messenger bag for kids!
It fits his book and has a few pockets inside for pencils and whatever else he 'collects' at his meetings. He is off to Cub Country and do you know what he is bringing along? Yup. His messenger bag.

The story goes on......i have a girl--she is in Daisy Girl Scouts. She goes and brings home crumpled messes of what they did. The fix---yup. the Messenger Bag.

No more stories...just questions.
Do you have a 'Collector'?
Does someone you know endanger themselves with dangling plastic bags on bike handles?
Does the little ones you love.....LOVE to hand things to you to 'keep' for them?
Are there outings you go on that you wish everyone could bring along their own stuff?
Need to carry a snack or lunch or water on a little hike?
If you have answered 'yes' to any of the questions than here is the answer for you.....

The Messenger Bag.....Kid Sized

Front view... nice big flap with Velcro closure.
The perfect sized strap.

Side View. Nice square Bottom

Fully lined and with just enough pockets.

* 8 X 8 X 3 finished bag size
* Strap 29" long

From the pictures:
*The outside fabric was a Walmart Cheap Special.
*The inside was a heavier weight with a rubber backing. Makes the bag just stiff enough.
(If you don't use a heavier weight fabric for one piece, you could use fusible fleece to give it some stiffness)

PLUS.... Meet Jacque Ann

I picked the blanket up this weekend at a garage sale. Just knew it needed someone to give it some love. Made her from a vintage feed sack too. Her name is from the blanket of course + ann because she is raggedy ann style.

She is available also in the shop.

I have a surprise tomorrow.....a new thing called A Play Along---

you'll have to come back to see what it is all about.

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Blogger Julie said...

Amazing as always--shouldn't you be cleaning--LOL ;)!! Hey, thanks again for all your help. I couldn't do this without you. Julie

15/6/09 12:11 PM  

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