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6/14/09 Rain

Went camping. It Rained. It rained some more. We hid under a pavilion huddled next to the big fire trying to hide guessed it...the rain.
There was just enough "sun shine" (really that would be just no rain, still dark clouds, maybe a bit wind) to do some other than huddle stuff.

Stuff like.....

Hiking the big hill



Air Softing.....anonomously :)

Mud Puddles

Swimming in cow drinking reservoir

see the cows?
Ballooning---let me tell you they LOVED this!!! Thanks Leann

Horse Balls...not sure what the real name of the game is.


It surely was beautiful farm country though....was nice to sit and watch and play and just not do much. We were lucky to have it dry up just enough to get packed.
When we got rained.



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