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Play Along---Night Stand

I am going to start something new...well new to me. Modeled after Whimsy Love......I am calling it....

Play Along!!

Here it goes.
The first Play Along theme : Night Stands
That's right...night stands. I will show you mine....... you will show me yours. wink. wink.

I was standing in my room doing the massive amounts of soggy laundry loads and looked over and saw it. My night stand. YIKES girls!! This thing hasn't been cleaned off in who knows how long!! Well, maybe Who knows, but i really don't want to tell that.
So here is the view:

nice huh? let's see. cluttered top, stuffed shelves, cat toys, remote, scriptures, sewing bag off to the know the good stuff.

Here is a closure look at the goods....have a look.

My recent reads. just finished the Jim the boy book. good and simple, Falling Angels was just before that by my favorite author...tracy chevalier. I am currently on the Amy Tan book- she wrote Joy Luck Club. good so far.

This is the pile of Magazines. A few lovely Australian ones, a new quilt sampler (love this one for sure), Mary Janes Farm and the new Stitch Magazine. Nice little variety now that i see them all together. Of coure the pile was much larger than that!

A nice pile of past reads...the secret lives of bees -i read this before even knowing about the movie. Wonderful book. A few more Tracy Chavelier books--i told you i love her writings...and a few other random goodies.

These are not long and novely. Nice to have them just in case. A simplify book--love it, organizing book...looks like it failed the night stand area... and a fun girlfriend stories.

The night stand is where everything gets placed. for me it is. at the end of the day i find something to read, to stitch, to watch, to do. You know. Does yours get that way too? I bet!

I have since put things back on the shelves---not the night stand--- and slimed down the magazine pile stored on site and DUSTED! yes in deed gals. Dusted.

So here are the rules: They are simple...easy...and you MUST Play along. That is why it is called a play along.

Take a picture of your night stand-or whatever type of side table, shelf, collector case, something by your bed--of course BEFORE you clean it!! We want to see the goods gals. Isn't that what is fun about it all?! Send me a JPEG & I'll add it to this blog post.

You have until Sunday, June 28th to send me your picture, along with your name & your blog link, if you have one. My email is bekntab4[at] yahoo DOT com. I'll announce the winner on Monday, June 29th. That is plenty of time for everyone to play along. You can post on your own blog also and i'll link it over if you want to go into more detail of what you found.

**I am Fully Aware of some kinds of stuff that is stored on the Night Stand...don't make me go into details....we just know. We just want to see the fun stuff, well- the good stuff, um...the interesting stuff. Ok. i give up! you know what i mean. **

So come and play the 1st Play along!! don't miss out on the fun!! seeing others messes are always fun--don't you agree? :)

Wait---did i say winner in the above paragraph? i guess i did!! how about i randomely choose a winner and they get, oh.......2 patterns + a little summer traveler from the shop?!

(do you feel like that is a cop-out?) (that is why i did 2 instead of just 1) ( i don't want you to feel i am chinsy) (I can be sometimes)(is that a good enough prize for you to play along?) (there is a lot of patterns to choose from you know--- have you looked lately?) (feel better?- will you play now?)

MANDY--click on her name for more explinations of this: ooooo yaaaaaa.

Melanie--All right, I finally played along. :) My nightstand isn't nearly as interesting as Mandy's! It's actually pretty clean on top, just some memory verses. Underneath I stash 2 journals, my baby's first year calendar, a heavy reading book, and Bible. Thanks for hosting!Melanie

Lisa from Polka Dot Cottage :I snapped a picture of mine this morning. To be honest, the nightstand is probably the neatest spot in my bedroom (notice how I rarely photograph any other section of the room? Life as seen through the lens is just so much more tidy…). I cleaned the nightstand up not too long ago, and so there are very few things that don’t belong:
the Luna bar and coffee I am having for breakfast
a hair clip that I removed from my hair before bed two nights ago
a clay-covered barrette that I removed from my hair before bed last night
a scrap of cardboard that I used last week to deflect my camera flash when I took a picture of something in low light
a post-it note with a list of things to do, most of which were done last week sometime.
half a bag of mint M&Ms from Christmas (what? we stock up in November. doesn’t everybody?)
the protective case for my Palm
the phone cord, which should be hidden around the back of the night stand
Looks like a long list, but really, it’s not that bad.

Missy- she has some explanations that go along. click on over and read a bit.

Name: Laura Worrick
Items next to my bed:
-old wooden fruit crate with original label as a night stand
-a small portion of my children's book collection
-sigg water bottle
-bon apetit magazine
-david sedaris- me talk pretty one day
-two small ceramic dogs
-a tiny key i found on the street in brooklyn
-iphone charger
-shade-less lamp

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Blogger Mandy at MaKC Creations said...

Yeah, my nightstand seems to have overflowed on to my have inspired me to go put a few things away :)

17/6/09 9:12 AM  
Blogger Whosies said...

thanks mandy for playing the play along. hope we get to inspire some more....weeeeee

17/6/09 1:33 PM  
Blogger rachelmp said...

I'll try and take a pic of my "sewing side of the couch" .. its a disgrace!

25/6/09 12:17 AM  
Blogger Lisa Clarke said...

I took a picture of mine this morning:

@rachelmp, I have a "loom-knitting and snack-munching side of the couch" that could probably give yours a run for its money :-)

25/6/09 8:07 AM  
Blogger Missy said...

I also took a pic(s) of my bedside. This is such a great idea - a glimpse into people's lives.

Here's my link:

Interesting photos everyone!

26/6/09 6:10 AM  

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