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whosies--written whatnots: Girls can Camp too!!


Girls can Camp too!!

just a few pics from camping this weekend with the girl scouts. I heard the total was around 700 girls and 100 leaders, moms, helpers. I am soooo lucky i just have 100 coming and it is for 3 days and not over night!
There was one girl who didn't come so i took my little Eliza with us. She is a Daisy and was the youngest, but loves to hang onto the older ones. Good thing they are resipracatory of that love.



the walk from the 'meadow' where we camped to the big lodge was a good 10 minute downhill
walk. let's not speak of how long the return was, only that there was many returns. burn it, burn it.....
we had a bit of time on our own. so we did fathers day you rock gifts, a scavenger hunt, and hair flower clips--cute stuff.
more craft'n
this was the crafts that everyone did together. you can pick and choose and wander around finding new things to do. the girls loved being in charge of their own time and choosing for themselves what they wanted to do.
this is 'trefoil ranch' it is quite an awesome building and the whole camp is just fun!!! loved it.
Here are a few complaints.....
*beans for 2 nights in a row (they did the dinners) :(
*rain the whole morning of pack up and leaving double :( :(
I think that is all i have to complain about. Over all the experience was wonderful. The girls are such good ones. i am a lucky leader. They are respectful, mindful, and thoughtful of others. They don't give me any guff and do what they are told---for the most part. It was a wonderful camp for everyone and let me tell you......girls know how to camp!



Blogger Amy said...

Kay, that looks nothing like i remember trefoil ranch, but then again that was what, something like 17-20 years ago? Wow the memories!

24/6/09 12:54 PM  
Blogger Whosies said...

i heard that it was a bit different...maybe it was the one that burnt down and they rebuilt. can't remember. fun times!

30/6/09 10:12 AM  

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