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What the?.......
Talk about CRANKY!!!!
Did you all come and check on Thursday? Did you find the same post as wednesday? Did you get Cranky?
Did you come back on Friday and check again???? More Cranky????

I am soooooo sorry!!! I had the post to post and then i must not have pushed the button...publish post!!!!

OHHHHHHH What a HORRIBLE WEEKEND......Oh what a HORRIBLE DAY!!! I can't seem to get it POSTED.........NOTHING IS GOING MY WAY.....I know that isn't how that is sung, but it was -----i just know it.

So i pushed publish post on Sunday and then that means that you won't have enough time to make it and post it in flickr and win....... what to do, what to do.....
How about a little extention...would you like that? will that work? does that help anyone out? anyone....anyone? Ferris?....Bueller? Bueller?....ok i got stuck there in movie land again.
So what do you need one week? will that work? Let me check my looks good. one week from today. Sunday the 28th of June. Hey that is the same day as the Play Along. So far i have one player and she is the winner. Are you going to let her just have the prize? Maybe she is crossing her fingers for that one. Share it...we can handle it.
So please forgive me....i won't ever do that again. Will you still sew along? I would love those pictures loaded up on the flickr group for everyone to see and love too. don't flickr? email me. bekntab4(at)yahoo(dot)com

I promise to play nice

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