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Time....why is it so hard to find?
I find that when i get a schedule down and things are going 'smooth' things change. Our schedule changes-- our needs, wants, or whatever else that ticks our time away has to be tweeked.

So here i am trying to tweek...yet again.
The last 2 weeks---camping was the priority.
The next 2 weeks---Girl Scout day camp will be the priority.
Somewhere in between i will find my own time...Please?! (said in a whiney, whispy voice)

The last 2 days i have been dead. Dead to the world, dead to the sewing room, dead to myself. Do you have days like that? I have felt emotionally spent. Drained. At the bottom of whatever well i was bucketing from.

Today-- much better, a brighter day. I am not feeling bogged down by camping leftovers, life leftovers, and whatever else that has been left-over on me.

Second day of starting a new schedule and making the kids help stick to it (that is harder than making the schedule let me tell you).

I most definitly have a few things in the mix....even if it is just mixing in my mind still. Maybe i'll get around to quilting a quilt, finishing up some little gifts for swaps, and moving beyond the couch area to the sewing area.

Times a Tick'n
Here is Raggedy Ann. She was for the second trade i signed up for :) love the doll ones right now! She went to Aunt Pitty Pat's home to live. She was sooo excited, but a bit worried about traveling alone, so i made her a little snuggle bear.
I think i am in love with doing one of a kind dolls. They each have their own personalities that you find on your own. What color should the dress be? What kind of Fru-Fru should be on it? Lacey? Plain? Something extra special? Shoes? Hair Style? Face expressions? Little friends? It really is quite a delight to do them. I have a feeling there will be some more.....
ok, ok...tick tock.....i know time is wasting while i babble!!.....tick, tick...

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Blogger Beansieleigh said...

Oh my gosh!!... ADORABLE!! I love the way you did her hair, and how you provided a little traveling companion for her!

24/6/09 5:54 AM  
Blogger Mandy at MaKC Creations said...

I've been feeling like that the past few days too...But the sun is shining today and I think things are starting to look up...and soon We'll be going camping and I love camping, it makes everything all better.

24/6/09 11:30 AM  
Blogger cindi said...

oh my goodness... this little beauty almost made me cry. i have no idea why except that she reminds me so much of the one i had as a little girl (and i'min that kind of mood) but she is very special. i'm sure she will be very loved in her new home

24/6/09 11:51 PM  
Blogger Whosies said...

thanks girls. i almost kept her and made another for the swap. but then, that wouldn't be fare :(

24/6/09 11:56 PM  

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