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Sleepy Pants

I saw these made by Lisa. Hers are long length compfy pants. I like mine short during the summer. Capri length. So since i had some vintage sheets hanging around patiently waiting for something to become, i thought---sleepy pants. I can do that! copycat!

I used another pair i bought as a template. I should ALWAYS cut the waist HIGHER than i think. These are ok, but i will definitly add a bit to the next pair.

These have a monster hem on the bottom!! with a bit of lacing stuck in there too. Fancy that.
I am hooked and will definitly be making a few more. Can you ever have to many sleepy pants?
We are going up to the parents home for some fishing and dinner and discussions...always fun! I will be sporting my sleepy pants for the sleepover. :)


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Blogger Lisa Clarke said...

Those look nice! It is addicting, isn't it? I can't seem to stop checking the thrift shops for good sheets lately. Not that I've made anything recently with them, but I'm developing a nice little stock pile :-)

Hope you had a nice sleepover!

21/7/09 7:21 AM  

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