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I just thought i would take a quick moment to shout out some thanks.

* for sharing your helpful encouragement on monday for girl scouts. Much appreciated, let me tell you! I am not alone! phew.
* to MaKC Creations. for making some great little owls and little miss and then sharing them with everyone else in blog land. Go take a look-see. They are cute!
* to the kids and the honey for putting up with ---well, me.
* for new sprinklers that WORK!!!! yay
* for my time a little more 'free-er' for sewing.
* i am sure there is more....can't think. the head is going into a fog. late. tired.

Just ---if you feel like you need a 'thanks' thrown your way.... catch it. I'm giving them away. Just for a little though....and don't be too stingy. you need to make sure there is enough for everyone around.

*Keep it. Enjoy it. It's all yours. You deserve it. Whatever you have done.

Then pass it along. There are others that might need a bit of 'thanks' tossed their way.

Have a thankful weekend everyone.



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