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Onion Bouquet

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Onion Bouquet

Jarom and the neighbor friend were in the front of the yard for around an hour. I wasn't sure what they were up to until they emerged later. They were Picking, talking, and then proudfully marched into the house onion bouquet.
What is that? you ask....well, it is a bunch of flowers that have been stuffed into the hollow stem of an onion gone to flower (i plant them girls, i need to learn how to harvest them)
Here is some quick-ie instructions for you:
* Pick flowers -skinny stems, tall too
* Cut the bottom half of a tall, gone to flower, onion. This will be a hallow stem.
* Slip in the picked flower stems into the hallow stem of the onion. Viola! finished. onion bouquet. Lovely. Just Lovely.

Remember my Smarty Pants award? They win one.
*See the onion flower in Jaroms hand? Yup, the big poofy one. See them holding the 'onion' stem stuffed with all the other stems? they even used the different sizes of the stems.
a little bit of extras for you
Pictures from the camera theif----

our free 7-11 slurpies that we got on 7-11

this ones making me go cross-eyed.

*** Plus---a little bit of a suprise for everyone***



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