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Emergency Sewing Kit

I am still in rewind mode girls sorry. This is wordy---But this does have a stitching ending!! Hear me out.

Last monday i took up Jerika and her cousin to a girl scout camp in Park City. Everything was going great....then a couple of the honey- hey, something is wrong...didn't want to forget to tell you later, then a little bit later......not much the honey-- hey i really think something is wrong!, then as i was making my way up the hill to drop them off at the entrance---no power! car not moving!! stuck in the middle of the road!! ....hmmmm call the honey...hey, car dead! not moving! stuck in the middle of the road! girls still in car! They need to check in!!

After a few calls to salt lake and getting some numbers for the camp I called up---hey, i've got 2 girls and they are stuck down the hill 5 minutes---no problem! we'll come and get them!! Aren't girl scouts the best?!! Someone shows up, we get them loaded, and off they go for 5 days. Me, i just wait for 2 hours for the tow guy to show up. Some guys got a chain and pulled me off to the side of the road further, and i waited, and waited, and waited. Boy what a waste of TIME!!! I did talk to my mom for an hour and a few others to keep the time passing. but, ugghhh!! luckily it was in the canyon so it was sunny, with a view, breezy, and i had water (drank too much and had to pee though).

Do you know what though? Do you know what i didn't have? An EMERGENCY SEWING KIT!!!!

So from now on ---

This will be staying in the car, well, until it is finished and i'll swap it for another one.

Lynette Anderson Block of the Month

Everything is put into this handy dandy

----baby changing bag---

It has zippered pouches, lays flat, and slips into the side of the door pocket nicely.

Just so no one else has this problem---you get out there right now and stuff something into that car! That's right, a magazine, some stitchery, some thread...some--thing!!! Save yourself from lost hours. Grab that diaper changing carrier thingie that you won't be needing anymore and convert it to the car stitchery kit! How's that for up-cycling?!

Oh, hey, i could grab this and work on it when waiting for soccer stuff.

*pst- the car is in the shop--something about a transfer case--just as expensive as a transmission- who knew? why doesn't this happen to men? you never hear those kind of stories--i don't at least. hmmm.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

:)...good stitching story! I always have a book, or a suduko with me but I hadn't thought of a stitchery. Thanks for the idea...going to get at it. We wait for a lot of things, so this would be a good way to finish a project here and there!

I enjoy your blog and your tutorial links!


28/7/09 11:50 AM  
Blogger Whosies said...

peggy- thanks!!
hope you find something fun to work on :)

28/7/09 4:58 PM  
Blogger Chris Salley said...

Girl Scouts are great!

28/7/09 8:41 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

this is a really good idea!

I'm still working on my In the leafy treetops quilt too I promise, I decided I am going to give it to my niece for Christmas, I'm glad I am getting an early start this year :)

28/7/09 10:05 PM  
Blogger Blogless me said...

Clever idea! I suppose I'll use the tip - anyway there is a baby changing bag still in my boot - and, no, I don't need it anymore for its original purpose.

Thanks for the tip and good luck with the car!

3/8/09 6:45 AM  

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