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Embroidery Pig

I hit an estate sale on Saturday-----whooaaa nelli. It was like walking into an embroidery zone. They had it all laid out pretty like on a table in one room......i just snatched it ALL!! what an embroidery pig, huh? I didn't share with anyone. I even went into the basement and found another pile in a box they hadn't laid out and snatched all of those too. oink.

This was all of their moms stuff and she even said - i bet there is some grandma items in there too. So take a little 'walk' with me through all of these embroidered goodies by Nellie (that isn't her name...but you'll think it fits). I will narrate. If you want to ask a question or have a comment---wait to the end. no need to raise your hand, just post it in the comment section. ;)

4 table cloths
question-the one on the right. there are 2. are these baby burpies? cute duck and lamb and sort of a long and skinny shape with the blue cotton trim on bottom.
table runners w/crochet edging
matching set of 3 placemats and center piece
matching set- 2 placemats, long table runner, one small table runner
small table cloths
small table cloths. check out the diagonal corner?
sugar sacks. see the deer on the left? white fawn milling company. cute
2 towels and 1 waltzing matilda story panel. hmmmmm
3 bird appliqued towels. These things are HUGE!! you could wrap a dripping baby in these if you wanted to.
these are my favorites:
toaster cover. not stitched, but still way cute.
Toaster cover backside
mixer cover. again, not stitched--but we'll forgive.
mixer cover backside

toaster cover.
Is that a hot cup of cocoa? jam? what is is supposed to be?
It has been patched a few times, but still cute stuff.
What do you think of Nellies embroidery? she had a good eye and some pretty good talent too.
I have decided that i have plenty of embroidered goodies in my stash, and so after i sift through these and then my mom wants second dibs....i will have some in the store so you too can be an embroidered pig. No one will say anything about it...because they are just jealous.

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Blogger roseylittlethings said...

I would have been a piggy too! LOve the toaster covers, especially the last one, super cute!

10/8/09 9:33 AM  
Blogger Molly said...

We are swap buddies. Yipee!

10/8/09 12:52 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

Score!! that is true embroidery goodness!! Julie

11/8/09 12:39 PM  
Blogger Steph said...

Wow! That is great! It makes me sad to see stuff like that at an estate one to give it to or no one wanted it?
Those toaster covers are so cool. Makes you want to start up a "new trend"!
Thanks for posting your awesome finds.

11/8/09 8:17 PM  

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