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Sing a song.....or hum one

I picked up a few things at the garage sales --for a song. not that i was singing...well, maybe just humming...but the price was great for these goodies.

A X-stitch of a quilt!!! 2 goodies for one low price. The gal said her mom made it. The 'blocks' are 2 1/2 inch square. Not big and it is on Aida, but the count is tiny. I have always fancied these, but never have made one. now i don't have to! + it is framed and double matted. gotta love that.

Buttons--now who has enough of these? not me!! They have been added to the mega pickle jar of button collections. yay!

Lovely, oh so lovely sheet, and some pillow cases. Love the butterfly one and the big huge ruffle on the little blue flower. They are all washed and ready for up-cycling.

Did a little bit of quilting on saturday. Since it rained for a good part of the afternoon. Got this big beauty done. 108"X 87" something like that. just big gals. It came with that box of fabric :) but the one giving it said they would like it for someone in their church. I am not professional, but occasionaly do paid quilting for others.

I think i should sing more when shopping. Maybe that will be bring more goodies my way.

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