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whosies--written whatnots: Freebies



You know, I just thought i would mention a few things about this here blog..... just a few whatnots are here for you to use for FREE!!!! i love free, don't you? i think i might have mentioned that before :)
* There are 2 quilt patterns available here: FREE

* How about a bunch of tutorials: FREE
* A SEARCH box in the top left hand corner of this page: FREE
--search the blog gals. Who knows what you might find in here. Why don't you remind me if you found something good.
* Good conversation: FREE
-of course it is mostly one sided, but still very interesting. hee hee
* Wonderful Commentaries: FREE
- That would be from all of you gals out there. Making comments--to the one sided conversation.
Well, Happy Monday gals.
There is some good-ok, ok they are great, tutorials up there to fill in that last holiday day.......or better yet, prepare you for some upcoming present giving holidays.
{I know, it is really that time again.}

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Blogger Ms B. Thrift said...

Ooh what a great list of freebies! I totally agree, free is good! I love how you enjoy sharing your tutorials and ideas with us all, that makes you a special person. I am admiring several of those projects, they'd make excellent gifts.

7/9/09 2:42 PM  
Blogger MissesStitches said...

You're the greatest, Whosie! Thank you for all the patterns and tutorials. I've tried one, and will soon be trying more. Gracias.

7/9/09 5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey everyone--Becky shared this cranky quilt with our quilt groups and it was the most fun quilt I have made. (I have made over 150 no doubt so I know where of I speak). so if you like to quilt for the joy of it--not to see how many points you can match make this one.
B--thank for all of your hard work for us and your sunny personality!

8/9/09 1:51 PM  

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