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My Wrists will be warm!

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whosies--written whatnots: My Wrists will be warm!


My Wrists will be warm!

I have this issue...of wanting....of coypying....and then of making things. This time: Hand warmers or fingerless mitts...whatever you would like to call them.

Remember the large spools of wool thread?

$1 Buck Each!!! Well, i did the brown (not shown) and the variagated blue and brown in the back together. Made a great thread together.

Hey- where is that blue? I should have done that one too!!

They are all over the place. Lisa made some on her loom. I thought that i would give it a try on the crochet hook. I am a crocheter and not a knitter (know it, don't really like it). They are on Etsy and a ton of people are knitting them. Winter is coming i guess.
So i searched and searched and found this pattern. Hard to find a crochet one. Oh, now that i look at the one she made hers is really much longer on the arms. maybe i'll add few lines. anyways...

I found the pattern pretty easy to do really. I did change one thing. At the end-the top by all your fingers- i found the width just a bit big. I felt like it was falling off or something. So i skipped a stitch after every other stitch and brought the width back in. Plus i did the crochet in both loops not just the back on like the rest of the body is done. Turned out just what i needed.

And- I turned it inside out. I find it a little tighter fit and i liked this. It is pretty nice that it is reversable. :) What stitch do you like game? this one....or this one....or this one...or this one???

What do you think? Wool too!!! Super warm and really I am not itchy either. I could make another pair really big and then felt it....more work though. Overall i think each hand took around an hour. Not too terrible for something that will last the least. I am thinking that i might add a little something to the top. a felted owl or bird or something cutesy like that. I should do a lace edge too....fancy.
ok that might be a bit much. ANyways...
Has anyone out there tried a different pattern or made your own? Would you like to share? Let's all go and take a peak at what-cha got!!



Blogger Amanda said...

Very cute!!

11/11/08 3:09 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

okay, these are so cute. Would you want to teach me how to crochet? I have wanted to learn forever, my husband even bought me a learn to crochet kit for my birthday, I've tried it, but I think I have to have someone teach me cause I'm lame and don't really understand the book:)

11/11/08 7:36 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

i would love to teach!! anyone else? we could have an evening of it.

11/11/08 8:31 PM  
Blogger She sure is strange! said...

I did some crocheted wrist warmers in a half-double stitch working long-ways. I chained about 35-40(depends on how long you want) and went back and forth going in the back loop and the front loop(on the next row) to make it more ribby-looking. To do the thumb hole, I picked a spot to stop the crochet and began a chain coming off the work about 1.25 inches long or so(bigger if you have big thumbs). Then I reconnected the chain about the same amount of stitches down from where I'd left the work(similar to making a loop) and continued crocheting that row. When I turned and got back down to the loop thing, I crocheted into it as if it was the row. The result looks sort of like a button hole and the warmers are SO easy! They are the same width all the way up but I've found mine have felted a tiny bit and curl from the warmth of my palms so it doesn't bother me that they aren't so tight.

Anyway, I've come and hi-jacked your comments section to say that I really love your blog, just found it today!!


ps, Amy, I am an auditory learner and left-handed to boot. What flipped the switch was when a friend of mine read the instructions as I held the work in my hands. It suddenly made perfect sense and I've never looked back.

13/11/08 3:54 PM  

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