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What are you thankful for?

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whosies--written whatnots: What are you thankful for?


What are you thankful for?

This is all about Eliza today.
She got her book trade package in the mail yesterday and was super excited. I of course had no camera handy to snap it up, but i did make a little pile of it all.
Look at all the goodies!!
The book is the little mouse one and then everything sort of goes with it. playdo, apron, crayons, coloring books. ect. THANKS FOR THE TRADE!!!! SHE LOVES IT ALL!!!
My favorite was the felt food. I have been thinking about Christmas lately...i know it's a bit early, but someone---thanks alot amy said outloud that it would be nice to have a home made holiday. Well, ok....i think i can do that. well for the most part. Maybe i'll do a week on what i have planned for some christmas help.
These are her crafts from girl scouts-daisy group on tuesday. They made a turkey and stuck in feathers that had written down what they are thankful for. Can you see that they are all blank, but one? the very first one? what does it say? she is thankful for: TRICK AND TREATING!!
She is a candy monster if you have ever met one. Then they made felt food. Hers is supposed to be a brocolli. She didn't want the leaves glued on, and she wanted it upside down. So we have an upside down, frowning, naked brocolli!!! yay!!
Speaking of felt food.....
i have been sneaking around at night and sewing up some felt food. Believe me it doesn't look as good as the home sewn ones (i used the machine to make them quick) but they are cute. I will show off the loot and maybe give a little tutorial on them sometime. They are quick and easy. They are addictable - just like the real stuff- watch out!!!
don't look here or here......i warned you!

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Blogger Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

We're so glad she liked her package. We posted about the wonderful package that you sent us!
Thanks again!

9/11/08 10:23 PM  

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