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...and it continues....

I am still in love with getting packages. hhhmmmmm........
i got a few more to share! can you believe? I think this is it for a little bit :( oh, until more christmas blocks come in.......wwweeeeeee!!!!
This little goodie of a book comes from the sharing from storybook woods. I found one for Super cheap online and thought why not?! I LOVE IT!!! it has beautiful drawings and poetry. It is one years nature journal from 1906 if i remember right. If you are a book cutter, this one is one that you could use page by page. Just wonderful.

Utah Quilt Guild Round Robin---8 blocks, 1 is almost an inch larger than it is supposed to be--didn't check those seam allowances, and 1 is ALOT lighter than asked for but a little tan rit dye will help it out. All in all a successful round robin for the year. now, if i could only have it finished before the year is up.
Pattern is from the Quilt Sampler Fall/Winter 2007

These WONDERFUL plastic bags from Action bags online. They will be filled with a few kits --Quick Stitch and In the Leafy Treetops Quilt Tops!!!! I am so excited. I decided to branch out just a bit for the 2 shows coming up and have a little more variety. Let's see if it will work.

Didn't come in the mail---but a little pattern testing {for myself} not to sell the pattern, hadn't thought of that, but to again have more variety at the shows coming up. A few more tweaks and i should have it right.

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Blogger Storybook Woods said...

I am so glad you got a copy and are enjoying it. Clarice

27/8/09 9:00 AM  
Blogger Whosies said...

thanks clarice. i am so far and probably will for a long time. i love referals!

27/8/09 11:31 PM  

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