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Block Heads

ok. that title really just pertains to me. I am the block head. At least i feel like it. My head is still a bit scatter brained. My nose, still is an issue. i have never been more aware of my nose till now. very interesting. Anways lets move on to blocks and away from the heads, shall we?
I SEWED SOMETHING!!!! yay for me!!! I put together the blocks stretched ohio star of the second CRanky Quilt Row Quilt. I am so loving the new color-way.

And just to show off some more blocks. How about these 2 sets that arrived in the mail.
one set from molly: oh, and hello- you are in brigham city! my parents are in pleasant view. we might pass each other in the isle of Village Dry Goods. Love it :) hey, you should come to a quilt group one time....mmmm wouldn't that be fun. we'll talk.

the other...ooooo can't remember. It's like i get all excited, rip the packaging open, pet the presents and then they are lost--the packaging girls, not the contents. relax. So i love them. whoever they came from. {maybe i can blame that on the head injury}

Tonight- quilt group!!! yipee!! more cranky quilt blocks to show off tomorrow. Can't wait. And we are starting a Mystery Quilt---well, not really. they are showing it to us and then we will know what the mystery is in the end. some girls just can't handle not knowing.
So maybe i'll show you and maybe i won't. Well, ok. i won't. That is only because i don't know what fabric yet-----not because of the spaciness, forgetfullness, and all out confusion of the block head.
{yup, i'm gonna sap it for all it's worth girls}

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Blogger lej619 said...

WOW!!!!! that is the lowest $ I have heard of yet. And to have Feet,a case, and all the other things and it Works!!!

3/9/09 10:20 AM  
Blogger Molly said...

Just went to Village Dry Goods today. I drive past Bountiful at least once a month, and have been reading your blog for a while now. Your right I should come to your quilt group sometime...

3/9/09 5:47 PM  
Blogger roseylittlethings said...

Love the star blocks soooo pretty!

4/9/09 12:36 PM  

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