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Busy Bodies

Today i got a call. hey, is your daughter coming to girl scouts (eliza). um, yea. oh, now!! crap!!! oh, look at the calendar, and i need to be at a meeting at---now for a constitution group!!!! ugh! double crap, crap!!!

i have been busy. have you noticed that in your own life?
There are many things on the to-do list.
School -homeschooling 4 this year!!
Home- trying to keep it clean.
Extra activities--soccer- games, practices, boy scouts, girl scouts, young womans, and what ever else we can pack in.
camping- coming up this weekend
jobs- mine and the kids {i am the whiplasher, you know}

peoples- clean, fed and happy

Plus last nights 10:20 pm game for me-indoor soccer, got a full hit in the face with the ball--it is not helping. My nose is a little off kilter (not broken) but a bit of swelling doesn't help. I don't think it lets my brain get any oxygen. + i played goalie and my arm won't go higher than the head, and while i was weeding (i know, i did a little bit!) i pricked my finger a good one....i am full of it aren't i?! excuses.

This only counts for todays messups, not the previous. i will have to think harder on what to blame for all of that. anyways--long, rambling about personal injuries.....I think it knocked the sence out of me......well, wait.
maybe it finally made me realize that i should actually start paying attention to the calendar. The lazy days of summer ARE OVER girls!!!! i need to come and face it full on and get on with whatever else is planned for me and not what i would like to have planned. {Even if it is painful and makes my eyes water}

I did make a promise that i would sew something today. So i am off to concentrate. Get a few things done on the list of to-do's and then sew.

{i was going to write the sound of sewing and can't figure out how to- what does it sound like?}



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh you poor sweetie, I hope your noseis better soon. See you at quilt meeting tonight--I am giving a talk on how to organize a quilt/sewing/craft room. OHHHHH It is going to be fun, I am bringing a zillion things see.

3/9/09 2:42 PM  

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