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whosies--written whatnots: Just a pile


Just a pile

of goodies!!!

That's what i have. I am a pile person. I make them, spread them, and they soon overtake whatever they are placed on. It is really a not that great of a habit, but i have it!
So here are a few piles that are going on in the home at the moment:

Blocks---more from the christmas block exchange! this time i took the picture with the gals name on the package above it. Julie F. ---There wasn't a link or anything else to pass along. just her name. SO THANKS!!!!! I love the snowman centers. Very nicely done.

More blocks:

Tiskit Tasket blocks. 1 completed and the other almost there. One camping trip at a time, gals. I am fearing though that i won't get them done by the end of the year. Since it is the end of the camping season. I might have to actually 'make' time to work on them. ugh. I do love them though...and the wool. oh, yea.


Well, just one. does that still count as a pile? Anyways, this is the BEST book EVER!!! I found it in a quiet moment at the big salt lake library--weeeee. If you are anyone looking at making some kind of a business at crafty/sewing things, this is the book for you. It is broken down to simple things, yet everything from starting, advertising, selling, pricing, book keeping, contacting, and all other -ing things. LOVE it! {i am still on chapter one} come on now. i have only had it one day. I was reading it late last night with a flashlight so not to bother the honey.


Mary Jane's Farm. I love this gal. These two goodies came the day we got back from camping, of course. as if i don't have enough reading to tempt my time with.

Drink Holders:

I am slowly adding to the collection of 'diversity' for the oh, sweet sady boutique coming up this next weekend. They still need their straps. Must go shopping.


I found these while looking for something else at the thrift store. Oh, to get distracted. There are some great red ones though. Those are a little more difficult to find. They will of course be dumped into the massive pickle jar with all the other happy buttons.


They came!!! They are in a nice little stack, waiting for names and addresses to be added to the back and sent on their way. Want one? Go to the store, buy something and then..... shop again with the discount. Super. Lucky You.

pst--have you bought something from the store recently? Don't you worry your pretty little head gals.....You too will be recieving one.

Happy shopping........and making piles-

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Blogger Lisa said...

I am a piles person too!! And they always end up taking over my space:) Love the blocks!!

10/9/09 10:10 PM  

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