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Keeping it PG

I got another pair of blocks in the mail! They are from anonomous. Really. No return label, no note...just a mystery. I am not sure why, they are made great and are really cute. No reason to fear!

Take a look at what i snagged at the garage sales on saturday. One dishtowel with birds- singing this time. cute stuff. And i am thinking they are bread warmer hankies. You know the ones that fold to the center.

I also got some glass salt and pepper shakers. They have been loaded with some button bouquets for the show this weekend. Love them!!!

there were some great cards too. They are so different. Some long and skinny

some round ones that fold in half

here are my 2 favorite. They have little flaps that open! how fun is that?!

There were some 'party' favors too. Funny. what were they thinking? Who bought these?---ok. well, i did. but still not to use...just to giggle at, and maybe sell in the store.

The Utah Quilt Guild is doing something fun for next years annual meeting {not that they do boring things before}. They are doing an Alphabet Quilt Show. So you take a letter --i got the o for 'owl' and whosies--i can sneak that one in can't i? You make it a certain size or something, has alphabet material on the back, and then they display them all in a row at once. We give up the rights for one year as they travel around and get shown off! How excited am i? Need you even ask?

Since Jarom turned 9 that mean in scout world that he recieves his Wolf. Of course, after he earns it. So here he is after the painting on his cheek and rain gutter ragata. (didn't win, but did great). I so need to learn how to use my flash!

Yesterday was quite a day. Took the turkey to Yeni's home and she did the 'duty' of getting him ready for the freezer. I won't go into any specifics here for the rating is a bit more gorey than pg. Needless to say, i was VERY thankful that she lent me some clean clothes, washed my clothes i was wearing (including my shoes), let me leave when i just didn't want to help--to the other room to check on the clothes, and took time out from her day to do it! All i had to offer was a loaf of fresh wheat bread.....clearly that is not enough. I will be thinking of something to send in a little package sometime soon. The turkey---he is in the freezer----all 30-35 pounds of him. I know!! he is HUGE!!! {and to think he was only like 4 months old too} It was definitly a Holy Hanah moment, but not in the same ranking as the other Holy Hanah moments.
Quilt Group tonight!!!! {and Friday night too} I know, i can't stand it either. Double bonus week! I surely deserve it that is for sure. + the Oh Sweet Sadie Boutique is this weekend. Setting up Thursday. Yikes! I have some work to do still!! ugh. I was so hoping to be ahead of it this time.....clearly i like the trailing position.
{that sounds for positive than procrastination- doesn't it}

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