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I promise. This will be the last time for the initial, abbreviations. .......mmmmmaybe.
Anyways. HOLY HANAH!!! That is what i felt all weekend. The Start Up Princess Convention/conference/networking get together was great!!! I walked into the building and there was Amy. Good thing i knew someone!! ok. really. There was only 100 of us, so it wasn't that overwhelming. But Holy hanah-- i did meet some great gals. There was also Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup, and Nadine from Material Girls Shop. I chatted with them for a bit, but of course --not enough nerve to pass a card to Nadine :( Barbara and i have spoken pattern talk and she saw one of the demos of Cranky Quilt (right after she had a trunk show of her beautiful quilts ugh.), so she and i know a bit of each other. There were even a few from out of state. Fun stuff.

They gave us a bag with some flyers and a business card holder, and some pens and a chapstick! There was a paper that they had us fill out. 18 people. we had to write down their info and what they could help us with. Boy, i met some goodies girls. There were a few graphic artists--i need them---patterns and such, you know. A few make up girls, nice homemade stuff, an organize planner gal, cute dishes gal--Thinnerware (wonderful idea and product).
There were some great speakers........ok. holly hanah. i can't keep it a secret any longer....Heather Bailey.oooooo i know. Yes, her bangs are really that straight. Yes, she is really that cute, and yes she speaks to peons like me. And yes, we had our picture taken with her, but it is on Amy's camera. So until they get posted i don't have them. {Of course i forgot the camera, what do you think? I would have that? I was the nervous nelly making a book cover. (which by the way i love! worked great! and is great!)}
I learned a lot! I am excited---but for some reason real life pops a bit of that bubble. You know, there is never enough time for what I would like to do.
I'll share some of the favorites:
* when describing your life you can refer them to your 'cliff notes'
* Believe yourself lucky
* Do something, Do anything. Make a start.
* Trust those who know.
* Heather Bailey says everyone has 'special sauce'. What is yours?
* Pretty soon your abilities will catch up to your ideas.
* Talk to yourself like you talk to your friends.
* You need to be your own friend.
* Assume the trait until you believe it yourself.
* Fears are illusions that keep you from who you are.
* Entrapanuer Seizures.

I know, there are some goodies up there aren't there?! I am not sure what is my favorite.
I need to just sticky note post them everywhere, so i don't forget.
I have decided that i need to make some goals and work towards just a few at a time. I am not a patient person when it comes to these type of things. Big idea- in an over abuncance, little patience. I am working on it at a time.
I won something too!! i did think lucky didn't i? They had a shout out answers to questions....they didn't understand how persistant and loud i can be so of course i waited for the best prize and let them have it! Viola- a wonderful box of food!!! Reminds me of Make a Mix cookbooks---which i am a big fan of-- so i'll love these i am sure.
Guess i'll be cook'n something good tonight! weeee

Anyone else have a holy hanah Weekend?



Blogger modernthread said...

..sounds like fun! Sounds like you got a lot of good business advice!

14/9/09 11:22 AM  
Blogger Molly said...

Yes, I had a holy hannah weekend too. I was walking around the craftish booths at my local town celebration when I spot a booth that says Modern quilting. Lets go there I say, I look around, my friend is poking at me to give them my card, so I ask them If they need a quilter, they say they do. I point out that they are selling Joel Dewberry fabric and kits. We are Joel Dewberry they say. I turn around, shake Joel Dewberry's hand, give him my info so I can hopefully quilt for him. I am not even kidding you, it really happened.

14/9/09 8:57 PM  
Blogger Whosies said...

Holy hanah!!! i almost think you won since you can quilt for future job for me. yet. hee hee!! hey, your links don't work! fix that so we can all stalk you properly. thanks :)

14/9/09 9:20 PM  
Blogger Kelly King Anderson said...

So happy you joined us and happy it wasn't all that scary afterall, eh? ;) thank you for the great post and hope to see you again soon!

21/9/09 3:06 PM  
Blogger the Material Girls Quilts said...

You so should have passed me your card! So now its a must you bring me a card into the shop!

26/9/09 10:42 PM  
Blogger Whosies said...

I guess I'll have to bring a card in. Don't twist the arm! :)

27/9/09 9:58 AM  

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