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Caps for Sale...

Remember that book? The guy with the tall pile of caps on his head? The monkeys teasing him in the tree. Stealing his hats......Do you feel like that sometimes? The caps part. That big pile of caps that are stacked upon our heads. Each representing some part of our responsibilities.

a few of mine:

wifely duties
real estate agent
maker of Whatnots and selling them in Whosies store
Encourager of anyone {most of the time}
School work helper {didn't want to say 'teacher' because no credentials here- just a mom who homeschools kids}
Utah Quilt Guild Area rep
Helper of quilt groups
Manager of quilting retreats
Reader of Blogs
Watcher of people
Whip cracker {not literally- gals, come on now}

The list could really go on and on couldn't it? You were bored though with it all about me so i spared you.

I am wondering if we can sell some of these caps? Not PAY others to take the cap {house cleaner, babysitter, lawn guys, drive through window dinners}, but have someone purchase them from us. You know, some one who would think that THEY need to build that talent or whatever and are willing to do an 'apprenticeship' with out cap. Wouldn't that be great? Even if it wasn't long term. Just for a bit so we can get a handle on things......does that ever happen?

I am in this thinking mode of ----how can i make all those caps fit---- What needs to be done to make that happen? I will be exploring this for the a bit of time. Care to come along?
ok- no mumbling in the back there. There is definitly some sewing along the way too.
Just to prove it and show you i can produce something: This is what i did this weekend at a little sewing meeting. Pattern is Jelleystone Roll or something like that. Quick pattern.

Used a jelly roll -that was a bit obvious- that i have had for 3 years now. yikes. Won it at a retreat. I love it. Kansas City Troubles. Love them. Here are a few. Can't wait to put the top together, but i will have to. That cap doesn't fit.......yet.

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Blogger pepper said...

oh i loved that book! wow you are super busy, sometimes i get tired but then i think it keeps life interesting, doesn't it? (i don't think i do quite as much as you though!)

27/9/09 6:14 AM  
Blogger Whosies said...

everyone has their own load. This year though i am getting rid of quite a few of those loads. Trying to down size. :) It does make life interesting though. you are right.

27/9/09 10:00 AM  

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