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whosies--written whatnots: Sell +Sell = sell


Sell +Sell = sell

We have the same agenda:

Mine- to sell things

Theirs/boutiques- to sell things.

Doesn't this make you think that they would add up to sells?

sell + sell = sell
I am no math wiz, but this adds up! Apparently though, real life dictates a totally different answer.

That is the front and back. I picked up that art board and then added a blue burlap backing to make things 'pop'. Well. The before and after pic would be exactly the same -except after is a bit messier. So people looked, and then loved, and then ......put it back.
Not sure how to take it. Give up? That is 2 flops --sorry, 3-- in a row. I even tried mixing it up and added a few new and different items. Well. I am looking into getting some sell tags and some decent cards and some 'branding' of the whole store. Maybe if i didn't have 5 different hang tags, and whatever else adding to the confusion i will sell something. Maybe
{I can't blame it on the show either---they had sold more in one day than a WHOLE show last spring! SO things were hopping, just not over on my station.}
I of course had a bit of trading pleasure at the end though. Can't complain about that. Got me a new headband. Love it. And some way cute fabric. Love them. So it can turn out Sell

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