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Not much here....

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whosies--written whatnots: Not much here....


Not much here....

No pictures- No Sewing- No quilting- Just really not much.....but just enough to blab and type a 10 page blog post on......hee hee {don't click really isn't that long}

Quilt group- fun! They had a quick triangle in a triangle technique. must share sometime. maybe when i make something using the technique. :)

Some how i was nominated to help out another gal in the group for next years doings. i love it. stay upstairs (in the shop, shopping) while the meeting starts...walk down the stars totally tardy....tada you are the presidents helper! everyone say AY....AY what? where was i? We had a quick little brainstorm party right after though and got a few great ideas for her to go with. Should be a pretty good year, if i do say so myself!

ok. on with sewing .....wait that was sort of sewing...but no product, just bla bla.

I have done a little bit, but not a whole lot :( Those shows just sneak up on me and then WHAT? It is today? I have to set up by 5pm? So there ya have it. Panic attack and all. I have been finishing up a few things that were started. oh, i also got a art display sort of thingie to put on the table to hang my stuff off of. I will share when it gets put up and things are hanging on it...cute like.

So how are the postcards coming along? I got one from Marilyn. uh. i didn't show it did i--ok. i will later. Promise. no time at the moment. Mine.....are coming girls! don't you panic like i am! not over recieving postcards, just this week in life....

Oh, and for those of you who shared your tidbits on blogs, and bits, and whatever else here..... let's see. there were 6 of you! is that it?

Ms. B Thrift
Marilyn- actually it was marilyns daughter....tricky one there.
Not even close to empty- i am totally sure that the comment left was for another post, but we'll count it anyways. i will at least, and that is all that matters here.

How about if all of those commenters get a free pattern from the store!!! Give me a buzz.....bekntab4(at)yahoo(dot)com and let me know which one you would just love to have. All right then. Did i miss anything? Am i done yet? It is over? Has it been published?

pst- And i haven't decided---yet---what to do with the blog, store, e stuff...stuff yet. still searching, wondering, thinking, and of course talking to myself--outloud.

I warned ya-

not much

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