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i couldn't leave it that way

i was having issues with the last post. i mean, there were a few goodies...but no pictures. So without bla bla-ing too much. Here are some pics. Maybe you just need a good laugh. Sometimes i can supply it. Today would be that sometime. Go ahead. Laugh away.

in the picture would be annie in the striped shirt--{makes those cute headbands} and left the photo shoot early, Amy, Heather, and me. The goof ball who can't stand still. Maybe it's because my hair is HORENDOUS!! {roots showing, out of its style, dry, just blah}. even the princess wand tucked behind the ear can't make up for it.

Did i really hit the post button? once it's out there i can't take it back can i.
Thanks amy for sharing your camera and sending me those goodies. {notice--she didn't post them on her blog.} interesting.

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Blogger Amy said...

I am going to laugh at these picture forever!

17/9/09 9:25 PM  

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