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Repeat performance

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Repeat performance

Do you notice that sometimes things repeat themselves? I mean who couldn't notice it? Circle of Life......But really, have you ever noticed it in your like of quilting? I have a few little suprises to show......that what we once did is now cool again. Apparently I have been quilting long enough to finally see a repeat. Is that something to brag about?
Now see here......
My quilt from 1997:

Quilt from 1800's at Moda Bake Shop. I am sure this has seen more than one repeat performance, don't you?

Again---my quilt from the same time frame:

Quilt at the quilt show for the Utah Quilt Guild:

More info on my quilts are here for the quilt parade.

Here are the rest that we saw at the guild show + a few of the know i love to read the stories.

Love the circular quilting on the stacked coins.

Cute houses and trees.

My favorite of the Dear Janes on show. This one had a darker background.

There is always an intersting one...isn't there?

Check it out. see the tiny quilting.....yup. normal machine. no big girl here

Words from the quilt:

Some great quilting inspiration for us all:

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