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Sewing Stations

This would be first in line to be tackled on the Caps for Sale list. You are assuming that it would be time management. You are wrong. Of course time would be a wise thing, but listen here gals...sewing! that is wise. Makes me sane. Makes my ticker tick. Get it? So first up--not time, but space. Work space for sewing.

The last time i did some sewing there was hardly an space on the cutting mat, so being that there was a monster pile next to the tiny space I took the 'big guns' {elbow} and shoved everything over. This of course didn't solve anything and now--the piles {i am a piler, i admitted it earlier} are now toppling over.

So here is a bit before: never mind that. too embarrased to show. There was even sewing stuff on the chair! no place to sit. Over flowing garbage, everything on the edge....along with me. so too bad. no peekie there.


What do you think? Sweet huh? Oh, yea. I can see the mat!!!!! all 36 inches of it!!!! weeeee.

Oh and look at all the table space {sewing machine is waiting its turn to be put into place}.

Now the 'cap' fits. No more tight squeezes here.

Plenty of space for me and my elbows and big headed ideas.

* pst- Marilyn has a great organization vidoe here to take a look at. If you need any help or more ideas. She shared these ideas with our quilt group. Lots of goodies.

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Blogger Ms B. Thrift said...

Oh wow lovely and tidy, it can be a pain sometimes but organising and seeing the tidy results can be so gratifying! I *wish* I had space in my home for a lovely sewing corner, I end up perching on the sofa to do it or on the floor, wholly inpractical! I am drooling over your lovely crafting space!

24/9/09 1:06 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Your head is probably swimming with ideas now after tidying up! That is what happens to me when I clean up my fabric "mountain".
I may be a tad bit jealous that I don't have a little crafting space all my own... someday....sigh.

24/9/09 12:16 PM  

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