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whosies--written whatnots: March 2009


Fairy girl

This here is the fairy doll i recieved from missy. This is her great grandmother Belle. Isn't it just great? It is a picture transfer and then she embellished it with some ribbon and thread. I know she is laying down...she will be in my sewing window with a little help from the edge to stand. Plus, do you see the wee little bird in her hand. cute stuff. I also got a little wand with a some fairy dust.. sprinkle, sprinkle....
Would you like to make your own? She has a great tutorial...go take a peak and make someone you know.

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Home Again

Well, i am home again..actually that was Saturday evening. It was great to get away for just one night an sew it up!!!
There were only 5 of us that ended up making it, so it was a bit small, but still fun. Lots of chatting--about sewing, family, others....eating, snacking, treating...sewing, un picking, ironing, know all that good stuff.
Here we all are:
Ok. now this was a saturday picture. we went to bed at 2 and got up at 7 so we look super hot!! hee hee
I took a few things to work on and finished 2 things!! yipee!!
This one quilt i have had since last year. I had a lot of it finished but got stumped on this one block. So i needed a few opinions on it to help me get it right. So a few opinions later, a flying geese block finally figured out and now it is finished with one border on:
This one has a story and a bit of history to go with it...i will share that when i find it's borders and have the top done. sound good? good.
I also finished up the flying geese paper piecing quilt that twiddletails is doing. Still need 2 more pieces done. show off later.
We went to a local cute and tiny quilt store and there was my moms quilt! She is teaching a class there--can you believe? fun huh? This is the quilt and pattern she is teaching:
We asked a neighbor to come and share us some of her quilts. she is jack parsons- concrete guys wife. She is an excellent quilter and has perfect points and peicings all the time. She also brought this cute bag to show too. mmmm bag.... Fun trunk show.
On our way home we stopped at another quilt store and looked, and bought a few things. not me. nothing was crying for a new mother. you know...take me, pick me...i want to go...
We just missed the closing time on another one, so we just went on home.
Thanks for coming girls....I had a wonderful time. We sure did miss those who weren't able to come...maybe next time.


Winner ~~

I'm all packed and loaded....couldn't decide on one project so i brought a bag of many.... along with a box of quilt magazines to inspire everyone...snacks, girl scout cookies, and my overnight bag. 2 days of sewing, good chatting, snacking and no kids. who couldn't love that?
Before i take off i will choose the winner of the Squiggly Waves Baby Quilt we go....
With the non complicated way of making numbers and drawing one.....#2 Got chosen.
Is the big winner!! I will be emialing shortly the pattern
Congrats and Happy Stitching!!

**Do you want one of your own? Patterns are available in the Shop**

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Honey has Hobbies too

As i am so obsorbed in my own hobbies i didn't realize that honey has one too. Well, i did, know.
the first one would be tools..he being a builder has quite a few to choose from. The next one? How about Atari Video Games. We have the newest console that holds i think 40 games or something, and we have the old style one with around that number in cartriges...there is no nintendo or game boy, or Xbox in this home..just Atari. We shoot the pixel cowboys and cactus and silly hunting dogs, and pacman,...all the goodies. Anyways.
Here is the Astroids II game. It is in the garage and everyone loves to play. We have a contest on New Years party for highest score.
Let me introduce you to the newest Garage member of Atari fullsize:
The driving one. You know pedal, steering wheel and gear shift...oh yea... The kids are dying! The screen needs keeps telling them game over. But he is sooo excited and can't wait to have it up and going. I am not sure what is fun about standing to play a game in the garage that is either freezing or burning hot...but go for it.....
Let's talk my hobby now---I have a quilt retreat this friday and saturday up at my moms with a few gals. We stay up late, sleep over, eat chocolate and sew, sew, sew. It is a bunch of fun! Can't wait. So in preperation for the retreat i have been thinking --what to take? A new project? Old, unfinished one? what? I went through a pile of bagies--the collection of unfinished sort of organized mess and thought, and thought, and then i sewed,sewed, sewed!
Whip it Wednesday was yesterday
How about Polka dot Pinwheels... all the blocks were sewn just needed to be put into rows and then the borders. This was leftover 1/2 square triangles from this quilt zig-zag. How great is that! i love leftovers and a free quilt! This one measures around 48 X 46 or something like that. Not too big, nice little snuggly. I finished a back for it too.
Button Tree Lane. This was all put together, the button Finally finished this summer and i put the first border on. There needs to be a second border but didn't have the right homespun for it...wait, something just popped into my head. I have half a bolt of a nice blue one...i will look. maybe that will be finished, finished today! The back is finished too.
The top center was finished. All wool. Just needed the skinny border added and the back put on. So it is FINISHED totally!! it is all wool in the center. It's a little bigger than a size of paper.
I did put the center together for the 2nd boys Super Hero Quilt. Have to add a few borders and then it will be done.
Now that i have finished all the little projects...ok not all by a long shot, but enough...what to do at the retreat......thinking, thinking, thinking.... and why is the morning light blue? Is is easier on our newly opened eyes?
Don't forget:
~~~~~Last Day to sign up for the drawing~~~~
~~~~ Squiggly Waves Pattern~~~~~

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Smarty pants

Everyday i am overwhelmed by the knowledge of others. There are some really smart cookies out there, ya know. These are a few that really just hit me in the that is so smart. I just can't believe it. Simple and Wonderful.
Let me introduce you to the newest smartipants i found this last week:

Twiddletails. Not only does she have a super awesome block of the month going. I know how could paper piecing and flying geese be super awesome? well, they just are. Still working on my blocks.
Anyways. She also invented, thought up, conjured in her mind....and then made.......a portable ironing table!!!! So what, i know is going through your mind...but wait. let me show you:

um, yea. that is a T.V. TRAY!!!! gals. how smart is she? Here is her link with instructions.
Next one up. Oliver + S
This gal has again...invented, thought up, conjured in her mind...and then made this: look at the skirt.

I know's just a skirt. But let me tell you----it is the skirt and the HEM!!! the hem gals. that is what i am showing here:

I know- that is cute fabric. Vintage Switzerland stuff with a cute ribbon hem. (i think the birds on the ribbon are upside down-- should have paid better attention). Anyways. It is a RIBBON HEM!!!! You wouldn't believe how EASY this is once you 'get it'. I am definitly hooked on this type of a hem. I am feeling a bunch of laziness coming on. lazy day skirts laziness that is. Go here and print off your own pattern. Easy Peasy and addicting! I really should do a tutorial here. Maybe another day.

I should have a smartypant contest. Anyone want to share their smartipant-ness with us? Leave a comment and note or even a link if you would like. It's all good---knowledge is power. isn't it?......smartypant

** Don't forget about the Squiggly Waves Baby Quilt Pattern Give away**
Go here and leave a comment to win your own

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Squiggly Waves

Squiggly Waves
Baby Quilt
Size: 47" X 42"

Baby Quilt E-Pattern.

* Tutorial style instructions
* Pictures to help with the steps
* Alternative uses for the applique octopus
* Free-bee doll quilt with leftovers
* Uses a wavy template for blocks included
* Octopus measures 13" X 12" in size on quilt

Use the pattern for:


Fleece blankies

Or make them all for a trio

The pattern uses 14 fat eights + blue for the border, a little ric rac, and something orange for the octopus.

**For this quilt i used a blue kona cotton that worked out perfect. Of course, any color combination is great. I was thinking just now that a pink waves with a purple octopus might just be wayyyyy cute too.

Here is the Free-be you get from the waves they are:

This is before it got washed and ragged.

And the back---with the blue linen i got sat....lovely.

Would you like your very own pattern? How about leaving a comment here and on Friday morning i will choose a winner. Can't wait? Go to the Shop and get it. If you're lucky and you win after purchasing it i'll let you choose another pattern.

I actually have a few more baby quilts in the works...I wanted to show them all at once, but let's get real here. You never know when that might be, and if that really will you are getting them piecemeal. You don't mind do you?

Good luck to all---- don't make me have another drawing with no winners.

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Drawing a Blank

So there weren't any names to put into the drawing for me to pick from :( well, ok. there was me and i keep winning things, but i already have in my collection a nice set of patterns from the shop, so i can't choose anything.

I know that everyone is busy, so maybe we'll all find some extra time this month to finish some up and post our doings. I'm not giving up. You can't make me give up that soon...

I know this whole Cranky thing is a hard one. It's hard not to have a real pattern, and it's hard to find time, and it's just plain ol hard to keep up with life. So don't fear.... I'll have a drawing (hopefully will) each month, so play along, and win something!

Enough of that. Let's talk about something positive....With the warming of the weather...spring is on her way, there comes the best early saturday morning activity---garage sales!! They are few in numbers, but that doesn't mean they have few things to sell.

I got around 5 yards of a nice blue linen piece $1, 1 yard of tan linen 50 cents, some extra spectacular tiger stuff 50 cents, and 2 sewing books.

The white book -stitch something special is from like the 70s and has some great little projects i might have to give a try. the stitched with love is a wonderful book...but guess what? the patterns are on the cd and the cd isn't with the book. :( why does a book writer do that? i need to google it and see if i can find some of the patterns, if not i might have to resort to doing them my way.....not the cranky way though.

How about another positive thing:
Tomorrow i am showing off a new pattern!!
It is a Baby Quilt Pattern.
I have shown a few sneak peaks before...want another one? ok. fine
you gals are so bossy you know...

Should i do a give away too? You'll have to come back and find out....hee hee

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Lucky Me

I AM THE WINNNER!!! Boy, 2 in one month? That is the Luck of the Irish isn't it? But, i'm not Irish.....hhhhmmm. Well, I'll take it anyways.
Want to see what i won?
Checkout Girl does some fantastic felt work. I can either have a family portrait done, or our home. It is really hard to decide. We have moved 9 times in the 13 years of marraige. So do we do the home we are in? will we be here for a long time? Honey is a builder--see the problem? Family portrait. Everyone changes. Still cool though. I am totally EXCITED. ....can you tell?

What have I been working on? Well, I haven't cleaned anything else in the sewing room :( But i have been working on a few Birthday presents for this weekend:
This is for my turning 7 little niece:

She has a reversible skirt, little shoes, a felted wool dress, and of course a little messenger bag to carry her treasures in. Think she'll like her? She is made with 100% wool suiting (from men suits) samples. Love those 6X9 things. I am going to ask for some more. I can see another addiction coming.....somebody stop me.

This little Fly guy is for my nephew who will be turning 14. Do you think this is ok? We are going to give a box of girl scout cookies with it.

Not too immature do you think? For me to send? I mean i have stuffed guys on our bed too. gosh. I did see this on the internet and kind of did my own thing....of course he is all wool again. Suitings and sweaters, oh and even a wool pant. He has a red wool pocket on his front to tuck his many hands in. Love it!!

And my Andy's are almost ready to go....just a few more things. They got their faces finished. Now they can see all the crazy action in the home. oh, the stories all the stuffed guys in our lives can tell....

*****On A CRANKY NOTE*****

There are currently 3 members of the Cranky Flickr Group. One of which is ME. and no one has shared a pic .....yet....Don't let me win my own prize girls. I am Lucky don't you know....

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Cranky Quilt- PinWheel

CrAnKy QuIlT
For EACH Block you will need:
2- 5 inch X 5 inch blocks ---- Background
2- 5 inch X 5 inch blocks ---- Color

You will be making 8 blocks for the row quilt so you will need:
16-- 5 X 5 blocks---- background
16-- 5 X 5 blocks---- color

1) Grab 2 background squares and 2 patterned squares.

2) Lay RIGHT SIDES UP-----
2 backgrounds, and 2 pattered squares on top of each other. All 4 pieces will be stacked. Do this for each block.
Make sure the sides are all lined up nicely.

3) Lay your ruler on top of the pile at an angle.
We are not making these perfect they are cranky! You want to be at least 1 inch from the corners.

4) Cut.

5) Re-align the pieces. You want one colored/patterned
fabric with one background piece. Make sure you don't turn them!!

6) Taking the two on the top, match up their cut edge. Your tips need to be peaking out from the edge.

7) Iron open. Repeat for other 3. Lay the finished squares out in the block pattern

8) Sew the top 2 together, repeat for the bottom 2. The outsides will not match!! Make sure you are lining up the centers when sewing.

9) Sew the top and bottom pieces together. The center point will NOT match. Neither will the outside edges.

10) Square up to 8" X 8"
Repeat for a total of 8 blocks. Sew these together to make one strip for the quilt.

Would you like a 2 page printable pattern? Link here and print away.
Please remember to NOT sell this pattern. That isn't very nice and then each of us would end up with something that Everyone else has. That makes us all Super Cranky!! Thanks!

Let's do a little give away!!
How about one per month on block night? WEEEEE
To play along and win you must:
*Leave a message/comment with this post
* Make sure you have a back link, or leave an email so I can tell you- you won. Wouldn't want you to miss out.
* Show off your work. either on the Flickr Group OR Link us to your blog and show it off there OR email me the photo and i'll share!! whosiesandwhatnots(at)yahoo(dot)com
* Pics can be from the last 2 months...not expecting you to get this done that quick. Next month will be for showing off this months block...get it? good.
* Easy Peasy.....want to know what you're playing for? Thanks Jeff Probst..... :)

pick a winner monday
Take a peak at some of last months cranky log cabin blocks.

Look at the cranky pinwheel block in a whole quilt...cute...

The lady on the right brought this to quilt group last night. had to share. She says that she has always quilted quilts, but never peiced them. So this is her FIRST pieced quilt!!! I of course asked her 1-will you ever piece again, and 2- will you ever make another triangle. W.O.W. I didn't get the back which showed off her fantastic quilting. in the ditch + another echo. crazy wonderful.

Happy Crankiness today....may you not be too cranky to share!

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Slacker Swapper

That would be ME!!! don't be all affended like i was talking about it. it's me. yup...
Purging the inventory of photos i came across a few....that i never shared! how dare i. That is like rule #1--share what you got and give them thanks....such a slacker.
Please accept my appologies as i share today and hope to find links to who you are.
I really do love to do swaps, so please don't ban me?!
The following are in random order. Not really sure which one would be the oldest.
This one was a collection of papers. You send them, they bind it and send it back. Great collection of fun paper. perfect for sketching, doodling, and just plain fun stuff.


This one was send some fabric to 3 different people, they make something and send it back. This is what i got from one. Guys i love this wallet!! It matches my patchwork purse perfectly and is really functional and great!

I also got a table runner, got drink wraps, some hot cocoa mint stick stirers from another gal, and still waiting on the 3rd....hmmmm
Birds of a Change Swap. You make and send 5 then you recieve 5 back. I sent my bird ornaments. Aren't these just cute?! They are all hangers. I need to find them a home. Still searching for their 'nesting spot'. Regina put this one together.

Here is a little owl in the owl swap. we both did stuffed ones. funny.. From Auntie PittyPat The little owl sits in my room in the basket full of my own stuffed animal collection.hee hee

I sent this little gal along with some fabric and goodies...used the Quick stitch pattern, but used recycled sweater instead of felt. worked perfect.

I got this UFO project from Cleary. no blog.

Great package of pre-cut quilt top with a bunch of pattern possibilities in their own clear bag!! love it.

This is Gertie. Her name is stitched on her tie around her neck. She is from Heidi. She also sits in my room in front of the books, beside the basket full of my own stuffed guys and gals now. Love her!! She has a little bonnet...can you see in that awfully dark photo?

This is the little gal i sent. A kitty cat with her little bird friend in her hands. I added those cute shoes. Love them!

The kids did a GREAT Valentines swap with other kids. Each of them got a box full of the perfect books and goodies for each.

Here is Eliza with hers + the shirt she is wearing and still loves to death!

Here is Jaroms: Lots of little activities and make it yourself kits. he loves to build and do that stuff so it was Perfect!!!

And she threw in some WONDERFUL stuff for me!!! Check out that bag!! And the little sling purse which i now use for my cameral, Perfect. + chocolates...mmm

Here is Jerika and Ammon opening their personal packages.

Everyone has thuroughly enjoyed their goodies. They like getting mail too people!!

Not a Swap, but a win!!! yay for me!!

Sakura- she is soooo great. She sits in the chair in my room in front of the basket full of my own stuffed animal collection :) LOVE HER!!! want your own? sure ya do....go to PilliPilli blog or store.
She does great hand work and quality. Very nice. Around 11"tall. Just perfect in the chair.

Well, thanks for looking and swapping. Want to know what i am waiting for still? ummmm let's see, the 3rd sender of that one swap, a fairy doll, anything else? hmmmm. Want to do your own swapping? This is where i find all of mine. Great site, great swaps... oh, my goodness just peaked...did you see the upcycled apron and the annie doll swap and even the little button one??? See how tempting they are? Good Luck
Speaking of luck......
How was everyones LUCK yesterday?!

Here is Sage with her green collar so she wouldn't get pinched.

Lucky her.

**I just have to report...we won!! it was our lucky day!! Finally. That would be my indoor soccer team. We played at 10:20 pm last night and won 6 to 4!!! WEEEEE.

**** Don't forget ****



Will you be there? or is it here??