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whosies--written whatnots: May 2008


Cat Trickery

Just take a look and a guess as to what she...Sage... is doing:

Did you say "checking out the fish?", or "learning how to swim?", or "determining if the top will hold her?", well... those are all wrong!!!

She is DRINKING!!! now, this might seem obsurd to us, but think about it....we flavor our water with lemon, rasberry, even why not fish?!!!! This girl is no blond- she's got it!!!

This is what i saw last night at 4 am getting a drink (in a cup) for the 4 year old. I look over and there she is slurping away. Then this evening again...of course i had to come equiped with the camera. Can you believe? I told Jerika that she needs to add a little more water so she won't fall in trying to reach it.....her water bowl downstairs...still full. How long has this been going on? hmmmm

It's finished!!

My mother called (she just worked her last day at the high school as a Councilor last friday- she retired yay) and said come on up and let's sew!! Who wouldn't want to do that? So i gather the kids, load up the machine and quilt pieces, and off we go. We arrive, she hands me a work shirt, and pants, and even sandles and says "let's plant some flowers first---just one hour---and then we'll sew" what?! so i changed like a good little daughter, dug some holes for some trees, and really just one hour later we were done...they looked nice, we talked good, and it really was a nice time together outside, in the somewhat nice it was ok.
Then we went in (i changed) and set the machines up. I had 2 extra pinwheels, so i made 2 more and stuck them in each corner. I had BARELY enough fabric for the 6" borders. There is one 20" streach that is pieced length wise with 3, 2" strips. Hopefully some quilting will disguise that!!! But it really turned out nice...i think...very pink.

This is the top i did at Houston Market, then put the blocks together at the quilt retreat last week. I needed to do the borders. I stuck the green one first and then tried a few different ones....the checkered one (just like the pattern shows) and a floral one (same as the center of the blocks). Too busy, too washed we went with....more pink!!!
This will definitly be given to Eliza the pink monster. She doesn't have as many quilts as bigger sister and she loves pink. what a perfect match.

It will go into the -to be quilted pile-- i need to have a quilting week again or something.....

oh- hey did anyone do any bindings during the 2 week binding binge? just wondering?

off i go to see if the cat needs a drink :)


Over the top

Gals- i just wanted to let everyone know that Marilyn is not a Cheapskate!!! I got a big (and i mean big) box from her yesterday. W-O-W....i am really speachless. People are soooo generous with their stuff. I am a little overwhelmed. ok. a lot.....

She had everything wrapped individually in tissue paper and then a big fat polka dot ribbon. It was so much fun to open each one, ooooo, and ahhhhh. Jerika says it was like my birthday!! Let me tell you all about it.

a tin full of vintage buttons. she said she is a collector, i believe it!

a piece of fabric with birds all over it.

a large white sheet with some crochet edging on part of it.

a crocketed head scarf in purpley blue with little blue beads in it.

a handful of vintage ribbon. my favorite was the lady bug linen one.

just a minute i have to look at the picture to see what else. there was so much!

oh- a very lovely linen long shelf runner with blue flowers and tan oulining and edging crochet.

a box of vintage handkercheifs

and 6 (they are not shown) chenelle crochet thread. Ready to be made into something wonderful!

I am not sure if she has a blog or website...i am waiting to find out. when i get that i will definitly pass that right along!

I really love doing trades, but she went over the top!! i might have to just send her a little something in thankyous....

After searching the web/blogs for a moment earlier today i ran into this:
Doll patterns from Minori Designs...

She was on Martha stewart that is why the link to her. It is a great doll. haven't tried it, but of course will. Someone earlier had asked how to do hair on the Pixie doll , she has one idea. it isn't the way i did it. (i pinned it and then they got caught in the seam) but this works great.
If anyone tries this out let me know, i want to take a look!!

Here is Minorie site too.

ok, after a day at the dump with the honey (why is it we all get into the trap of cleaning up "the other" house?---that would be the one he is building) i know i should help, but it is his "project"....i think i need a model for my next apron "project".

who to help...hmmmm....

honey????? :)

i just had to add something. swapdex has a few new swaps up. here is one that we are definitly doing. right up my alley!! Making little stuffed friends, taking them on a trip, and sending them to their new homes with all the info + a little souviner!! what's not to love? this will keep the kids entertained and that is for sure!! our first adventure is next week to City of Rocks in Idaho. happy traveling to us and the new ones jumping on!!


Cheapskate additions

Here is the happy Birthday girl with her best friend and cousin Kylie (on the left)!! We had her stay the night and of course had her draw a stuffie and voila!! There you have it ----a wonderful dog! She picked the purple and green sweater for her belly and ears + a collar and flower. The outer is a tan lovely casmere, very soft. She had itchy eyes and nose....we think it is from the CAT!!! not the dog...

Our memorial day was filled with a Narnia movie and dinner at the Olive Garden mmmmmmm for both! The movie--great. Loved it. and the dinner----great. Loved it.

I added a few things to my "trades" going out. I know, i know...but if they stay here long enough i feel like it really good enough, did i put enough in it?, did i cheapskate it? So here it is:

I added this folded log cabin hot pad. Do you see the mistake? the red on the left is NOT supposed to be there !! I put a little pocket on the back so you can slip your hand in it and not get burned.

I found this book at a discount store and thought i would add it too!! we don't have any real traditions past the watching fireworks thing, so this caught my eye. I looked through it--funny stuff, but there was some great recipes. It has every holiday in there! you name it, they had a dinner planned for it!! Hope she likes them.

Then i looked up a tutorial on making your own knitting markers. i couldn't find any toggles that i thought would be big enough for the bigger needles, so i just bought key rings...the ones you use...well- just look at the picture ok.! then these black word beads are totally cute. Very easy to do and quick too.

I did a few bags last night. I needed some down time i think, after the movie and dinner. I ate WAY TOO MUCH
I made them out of sheet fabric and then added some appliques onto them. This one is a long skinny bird and the other has a bright green butterfly. I put them in the Etsy shop.

This week i will be working on Garage sale stuff. I need to get rid of some things!! The add has been placed and there is no backing out now!! I'm sure i will be able to slip in some sewing also..hee, hee....oh, what am i doing?! just sorting, yea, just sorting...lalalala



Today was "pretend your a farmer" Day for us here. Here are the three "plowing" the garden. The kids are sure eager to "help" plow. Not sure about the honey's face. he's thinking this is going on her blog isn't it?!! why, he can read minds---such an amazing guy!

We got the tracktors (yes that is plural---it's the honey's falt) He got a'plowin and i got a'mowin. Come to think of it, i should have challenged him to a race! i think the mower would have won...yup!
So now this large are has been plowed! i am determined this year to have a large pumpkin patch for the kids. I bought one large Martha Stewart package of 5 different kinds of pumpkins so that should be some fun!
The other part, just the same old stuff.....zuchini, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes-yay, and cucumbers (if they will grow this year). I have been thinking today that food at the store is just WAY to expensive...but really what has gone up? milk and cheese are the worst. i know it is the gas prices that are doing it, but i haven't seen Oreos go up, or how come?? Those "basics" are able to rip us off.....hmmmmm.... can one live on oreos alone? ok, enough of that!

If you didn't know, you do now...we have chickens. They love the dirt (it would be on the fenceline next to the neighbors). This here is "buzz" the duck. He is Jarom's. he has moved in with the girls because winter was soooo stinking cold...anyways. He loves those girls. While the honey was plowing he stood in front of their coop door and wouldn't let the girls out. Such the protector!!!

Not sure who snuck this picture in, but thought i would share...first they are not fighting (though i am not sure they are playing together either) second Eliza is wearing her "high heel" shoes. I had to paint her bitten finger nails today too, such a girl. Can't resist the extra tall dirt mound still in the back yard!
This here is my newest arrival!! her name is Meli... isn't that cute! She is a lamb--perfect and right on time for her---on our farmer family day! She is ALL handstitched. Now that is patience. I absolutely adore her, her cheeks, her ears, her APRON!! hee, hee...oh and her little belly button, and her name on her bum.
She came with a tag with her likes, and interests...very cute.
Here is Leigh's blog. Thank you it! yours is on her way---
To go along with the farmer girl day...i wore my apron around and i am going to make some homemade graham crackers....crazy girl doesn't want to go the store--darn those prices...i'll let you know how it goes. They are chilling in the fidge, oh stove beeped--ready to cook!!
Hope everyone has a great springy, farmery, lovely weekend......baaaaahhhhh


Pack'n them Up

Here we go ....i decided today that i would work on my i did!!! well, ok yesterday i did the summer one (still need to add things to that baby) + the knitting thingie...but here are some more!!

This is for the 4th of july apron swap. I thought, even though it isn't fireworks and such it is quite summery and it is still red, white, and blue...there are just a few other vintage colors with it! I followed the scallop along the bottom and then put a big red pocket on the one side. it was just a bit too plain so i put a bow on it. i have to remind myself sometimes to "make it bigger". I have a tendancy to make things a little small (i am a cheapskate...i really have to watch it!) so i did good with this one. I made the ties BIG 3" big, with the cute little point at the end. FANcy--

Here is my little plush trade. Again with the small thing (she is 8"tall) not too big.... I decided to add a little "pillowcase" for her to go into with a pull ribbon to pull tight at the top. She is totally made out of sheets. Her body, her dress, and her bag...oh even her hair! Her neck is just a bit longer than i would like so i made her a scrap neclace and tied a bow around it. The dress wasn't quite as long as i would have liked either, so i added the lace trim at the bottom. I hope she loves the people she finds at the other end!

This is not a trade!! This is my birdcage in the dining room/kitchen. For a few days now "best buddy" as my 4 year old named him....hmmm...anyways... he has been doing the rise and shine tweets at 6 in the morning. SOOOOOOoooo last night i whipped this up! I used the sheet again---already hemmed at the bottom----perfect! cut the hieght (i couldn't figure out how to spell that) and then put a small hem at the top, thread a ribbon through, and voila!! the perfect fit birdcage cover! He seems to like it ( i know, it's girlie) and this morning all was quite! yay

There is one trade that just started that i thought i would put a shoutout...vintage sheet swap
You cut fat quarters and then get back that many in other patterns. how fun is that! let the cutting begin........


Appreciation Appreciated

Sometimes it's nice to get something from someone for no reason, just because. Today Amy came by and dropped off a little gift from Kansas. She works for Handi Quilter and is in charge of everything they take to shows, housing, ect...she came back last week and mentioned that she had a little something for me. Not quilt related she added, but something i would enjoy.

So today she rang the bell and handed me a Fake Quilt Tatoo!!!! yay for me... we had been discussing Mrs McTavish (she is a professional quilter) and her sleeve tatoos. She has both done now with feathering quilting on one and i think her McTavish meandor on the other.....ooooooo i said... in a facinating way. She of course is appauled and i was loving it!

I am not sure when, or where i use it. I am quite tickled though. Funny, how little things just getcha...
(don't worry,,,,,,it's supposed to be backwards)
I had a girl scout short meeting to go to this evening and then off to quilt group. We were shown how to make a folded log cabin. I have my foundation to do one. I think i'll make it and turn it into a hot pad. Maybe i'll throw it in with the apron trade.
Here is the other item i just came home to after all of that:
This was from a church lady and it was accompanied by a nice card, saying thanks for helping out with the quilts and all with the Humanitarian project we did a week ago. Ok, the card really would have been nice, but the strawberries, and then the Chocolate!!! yea, Chocolate. Aren't they pretty?!
This makes me think that i really should be more aware of others and how they help me. I think maybe a few little gifts every once in awhile would be good of me to give, not just trade!
i will be thinking about who, what, when, where and how....while i eat some strawberries of course......mmmmmmmm


Thrifted, Gifted and Made Spring Cleaning Swap

Thrifted, Gifted and Made Spring Cleaning Swap was the are the items. i had been matched up with a gal who knits. She is just a beginner knitter she this is what i put together for her:
7 different sizes of knitting needles--got a great deal on these babies!! yay

1 pillow case knitting needle case, made this one. Used the big hem for the top of the pockets (that was nice and easy). Did a folder over flap for the top to keep them all in and not falling out.---hate it when that happens!-- and a white ribbon tie on the edge.

1 bi-fold book. This is laminated and has every stitch (basics, i think) that you knit. Easy reference and quick too. There is one larger pocket this fits into. When the book is in it folds in 3rds and not in a roll. So really it is up to her to decide how she likes it.

4 Skeins of yarn. These are miss-matched but they are all kind of the same colorways. They could easily be doubled up or used together for accents and such.

Not sure if that is it, or if there will be anything more. I might buy one magazine on knitting for fun reading.....boy do i love fun reading!!

I love doing these trades. I find all of them at SwapDex ---if your in the mood, hop on over and check them out. I think they are all going right now, but they will be updating pretty soon again. I have had good luck so far, and have loved all that i have gotten from other crafty gals.

These are the ones i am doing this time:
the toad stool swap, different but isn't that the point? gotta try everything once!!
The Flirty Apron Skirt swap....i just picked up some fabric today for that one. not really tooooo firecracky, but a cute red, white, and blue fake hexagon pattern matterial. I am hoping to follow the curve at the bottom for a cute hem...wish me luck!
A different plush swap. I know, i know... i couldn't help myself!
The Not too Shabby Summer Swap... i picked up some different fabric today for this one too. I am thinking ...i typed it all out and then checked on the blog and found out the partners where announced sooooo i will not let it out of the "bag".... ;) ok?! that's all the hints!

Now i must go and find some "snacks" and "good reading" oh really, i must stop that.....
Happy swapping!

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Birthday Girl!!

Here she is! Miss Jerika ---11 years today---

She is the one in the purple sweater. They are all looking at ....ah something...i can't remember was interesting though. No, it wasn't the scorpion!!! :)

Can't believe she is sooo big! she is such a cute girl, and nice too, and a pretty good babysitter for short periods of sanity time!

I made her a cake today and decorated it with fruit snacks, and chocolate kisses. It melted a little --too hot in the house? or was the cake still warm?--- we had spaghetti for dinner with garlic bread of course (her favorite and request). She really couldn't decide on what to do for her party this year so we decided not to do one. Next year we will. We will have a little family one on Thursday and go to Narnia, King Caspian and then maybe to dinner. Should be a fun evening.

I got her this Journal from Barnes and Nobles. It is a wreck this journal book. cute. each page has something for her to do. ex: tie a rope and bang it into the walls, drag on the ground, take it into the shower with you, mail it to you, put something sticky here, write one word all over the pages....ect. the second page said burn this page, so we used the candle lighter and burnt the corner. funny. She totally digs it and i think is writing in it right now! hee hee.

I think i might make her a little church bag too. Her grandma gave her a dress and it doesn't fit it might get choped up and put into a little bag. It's a cute turqouise plaid fabric too....still thinking on that one.


Gobblin Valley Spookies + Peanuts Debut

I thought i might share a little bit from the Gobblin Valley Camping Trip.
Gobbling Valley--It was ---windy, and when it wasn't windy--it was biting knats, and there was very little shade in the camp. That is my are the goods.
It was neat---cool rock formations, the goblins..good stuff. Very cool at night with a clear night and the sun set. Riding the 3 wheelers and bikes, fun. oh, it had bathrooms (the toilets actually flushed! + showers.....nice)

Sorry- one more complaint---we have been home since friday night and I think i have chicken pox!! oh, wait that is just the biting knats spots!! i keep finding them. more each day..did i bring them home with me? hmmm....
Capitol Reef---it was shady. Lots of trees. There were webs all over the trees filled with catapillars (fuzzy too). Luckily we were a week early for the filling of all the trails, handrails with them!! We had the best Apple pie at the farmhouse (is that because it didn't taste like dirt?) no it was gooood. Nice hikes with the kids, cool arch way back in, and the narrows (steep cliffs on each side) were spectacular to say the least.

Besides the family picture this is my favorite. My little girl -Eliza- kept posing and saying "take my picture" so i did and this one turned out way cute.

I have fallen off of the "normal" wagon...really i am not sure that i was ever on it! So i was thinking as i was packing... i need (of course it is a need) a little girl to take with me. She wouldn't be afraid of getting a little dirty and anything dark, deep, high, or scary. She will be my "spokes peanut" of my trip. I put a little elastic on her wrist so she could be hold her other arm, or hang from something if she needed.

Her name is Peanut. this would be Peanuts first outing in her life. I have a feeling she will be going on many more!! This would be i guess "peanuts gallery": take a look

Off we go on our 4 hour drive.....Are we there yet?

Here she is attempting to smile in the pokey cactus found in Capitol Reef. Ouch!!

Wow- i would never attempt this one on my own!!

The honey is such a good sport, with all of my "foolishness" (really though, i didn't do this to him).

Take a look at that stunning view!!

Here she is attempting a shot with a scorpion!! yikes. IT is really in the picture.....kind of a whitish color. She is soo brave!
After the 3 days in the warm and windy air, we headed on to the Quilt Retreat. We were at the base of Nordic Valley Ski Resort. It was up in the cool mountain and shaded by a bunch of trees. I was Tired, but i guess not tooo tired for quilting!! I of course shared Peanut with everyone and they posed her a few times.

Here is Peanut sitting on my machine. She soooo enjoyed herself! Sewing, laughing, friending, sewing, eating, sleeping, sewing....

Let me tell you though....i have such good friends...they really look out for me and my machine.

Last year while sewing strips, my machine would shake the whole table (we're not talking little shake, this is earthwake shake), so there were a few who said something about it last week at meeting. so i show up, and start to sew, and my machine squeeks. I oil behind the bobbin and it stops....the next morning it was groaning before it started to sew....push the peddle, groan, then sew. One gal Jen said ----what is the deal? Your maching is shouting at us!!! Let me have a look....soooo she unscrewed the side (yikes, but she just taught a class at HMQS on cleaning your quilting i let her) oiled it all down, found some strings, pulled them out, screwed it back closed.......again the groan. Let me take off the throat plate (big metal plate where the needle goes down). unscrews it, removes it.....and finds!!! LINT CAKE!!! i have been baking while sewing!!! There was sooooo much lint and oiled lint in the feed dog area that it was groaning to get going!!! (sorry i missed the picture moment). So it was cleaned (5 minutes), oiled and screwed back down....and oh the joy!!!

It is like a new momma!!! So smooth, so shouting, groaning, complaining...just happy sewing!! oh bless you Jen.

Here is peanut hiding amongst the many fabrics strewed about! She looks like she is enjoying herself.

Here is Jen and her sewing away!! Peanut climbed to the top of Jen's Make shift thread holder (the paper towel holder--snifty)

This is what i accomplished at the sewing retreat!! I had taken a class at Houston in October taught by Jacki Robinson. It was a mystery quilt. I am a quick sewer and so i thought ---i will sew extra pieces!! So when the class was over i had miles of chained pieces. I stuffed them all in a ziploc baggie (luckily a big one) and went on my way. Every time i saw that bag i sighed... i have no idea what all those chains mean!! so i brought it, dupped it, sorted it, and actually went off of the final picture pattern. Counted the blocks, sewed that many and then put it together. I still need a stop border ....maybe green?... and a checkered outer border. At least i know what i am doing now!!

Well- it was a LONG week... but a great one. Hope everyone had a great one too!!
Is there anyone working on bindings? Just wondering!


Mothers DAy

I'm a little late, but happy mothers day to all!! hope everyone had a great day.

I wore my bracelet i bought myself. Isn't it lovely?! Here's the honeys middle name it TABEAL (pronounce---tab(like the drink) E(long e) Ale (like the drink) does that help?) ANyways.. we call him TAB (like the drink) for short. So when i saw these being sold i just couldn't help it. The center is an old typewriter key (tab) and then the sides are silver spoons cut and then bent. There is a strong magnet closure and a little black bead toggle. Love it. Thanks to me!!
in his defence he did give me a corsage that i wore. it was nice.
Here is my moms mothers day present:
I made this out of the Sheet. Then i put one layer of batting in it to give it some weight. I made little pockets for the cards and envelopes, and pens (not there yet). Then there are some ribbon ties for keeping it closed.
Here is a shot of the cards. I saw this on this site. except i didn't embroider it, i just had each of my kids draw (on a pre-cut sized paper) with markers. Then i went to the copy place and had them copied on cardstock. I know now to pay better attention to how they are layed so they will fold right. Darn it!!
Then i cut them out with wiggly scissors. This was kind of fun....the kids liked it too...
So i hurried and finished this so i could mail it off today. That was such a good idea...who thought of that?!
I will be gone --camping in southern utah .....goblin valley.... tomorrow until friday. Then when i pull into the house i grab my other packed bags---get back into the car (without anyone else) and drive to Eden, Utah for a quilting retreat!!!
That means i won't be posting until next Sunday. That is a long time!! So until then, happy sewing and keep those bindings rolling!!!



I think that i am having DeJaVu..... I am still doing bindings!! I quilted one twin today and then did 3 bindings (2 queen and the one twin). This is still for the Humanitarian project. Oh, my gosh if i see/do one more binding!! It is such a good thing that i did what i needed to bind first and then these!!! I am hoping that there are no bindings for me to do in the near future. This is the end ---- i think.....

Let's move on shall we?!

HEre are the SAturday findings:

I am really not sure if he is old or not....hard to tell. He is outlined stitched and then it has been colored in very lightly inside. There is a fluffy green trim all the way around, i think you can barely see it. It goes great with my striped green chair in my bedroom. Old or not, i love it...+ i bought it from an old man for 50cents. hee, heee (that was his price!!!)

I hit the mega load at one church rummage sale. She had boxes, and boxes, labeled CR for CRAFT!! none were opened, so i just opened and searched. She had a lot of embroidery kits, but i got some yarn, some binding edges, a pillow case, a sheet, and some vintagy fabrics.

I also got 4 sweaters. I haven't felted them yet. I really need to start making things with them. I am getting toooo many!! oh....can i really have to many? not so sure---

All in all i did pretty good. I got some lovely old reader books for my 7 year old for school too. They have such great stories in them. Maybe i'll steal some pictures and use them for stitching or something.

I am still making my mother's day present for my mom. It just needs to be tweaked a little bit and then i'll show it off. My Honey's mother -ROSE- has been gone for a little over 2 years now. She had Louse Gehrig's Disease (spelling?). Miss her lots--she liked to listen to my brainstorms, but i am spared the torture---well, uncomfortableness of "is it good enough, will they like it, what do i do this year...ect. you know what i am talking about!!!

It's almost harder with my mom, who has it all!!! I think i did good this year..can't wait to show it. We aren't having a get together this next week so i don't know when i will give it to her....oh, maybe i'll make it a mail surprise...hey....

Until tomorrow----Happy Day to all and to all a good night......

oh, my heck - i just hit this and had to spread it on.... Are there any "Twilight" book lovers out there? Well, here is the trailer for the moving coming out in DECEMBER!!!! i won't pre-judge it for you...just go take a look....



Here she is!!!

I love her. I am not sure what my favorite part is. .....Her long hair, her big eyes, that she is painted, or maybe her shoes...ok it's all of it. How lucky am i. Then to boot there were extras in the box. A stretchy bracelet, some wood heads, pin backs, a cute little hat box, and some soft and lovely mohair yarn. (i must use that immediatly on something).

The girls named her Little Lily but i think i might just add Andrea or Nan to that. so Lily Nan....she looks really like my cousin who passed away last month. I made her the pink quilt.

The maker of Lily Nan is Cindy. She doesn't have a blog yet, but she has set up a flickr group (don't know how those work yet). Here is her link
Here are the Final 2 quilts that were in my pile!! Can you believe? i can't either....

This bug jar quilt was an exchange i think 3 years ago or something. Everyone made a jar then we traded. On top of the yellow bottle on it's side is a chameleon that a freind paper pieced. all the borders were black so they all kind of just float there. fun. They are all different. love the variety. this one was fun to do.

This here quilt was something i saw on Simply Quilts when it was on air. This is made out of a pre-quilted fabric. you cut the edges off. sew them on the opposite side, and then where your seam allowance is you put either a ribbon or a strip of fabric (raw edges ironed in) on top to cover them. pretty snifty don't ya think? they had a scalloped border, so i attempted this (not sure that i like it, or that it is consistant) so look at the finished pictures. each side is opposit of the other. makes a good utility blanket really. should have made this one larger. it is really like around 45"square. I finished sewing the binding by hand in the car today.

So there ya have it!! The pile of bindings has disapeared!! yay---now to make some new ones. That pile can't be gone for too long!
As if i didn't have enough of my own to do, me and one other gal got snagged into helping out the church in making quilt tops (4 queen + 3 twin) for the humanitarian center here in SLC. We met over at the church, there were 5 quilt frames set up. we hand tyed with a bunch of other gals from 5-10 pm. All the queens got tyed and the 3 twins we will take home and quilt on the big machine and bind. So in between tying the quilts, i bound 3--big ones!!! i have one more to do at home. i think i get extra credit for those babies!! So wait, i guess my binding pile isn't empty---
oh man.... ok.... keep on keep'n it on......