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Birthday Girl!!

Here she is! Miss Jerika ---11 years today---

She is the one in the purple sweater. They are all looking at ....ah something...i can't remember was interesting though. No, it wasn't the scorpion!!! :)

Can't believe she is sooo big! she is such a cute girl, and nice too, and a pretty good babysitter for short periods of sanity time!

I made her a cake today and decorated it with fruit snacks, and chocolate kisses. It melted a little --too hot in the house? or was the cake still warm?--- we had spaghetti for dinner with garlic bread of course (her favorite and request). She really couldn't decide on what to do for her party this year so we decided not to do one. Next year we will. We will have a little family one on Thursday and go to Narnia, King Caspian and then maybe to dinner. Should be a fun evening.

I got her this Journal from Barnes and Nobles. It is a wreck this journal book. cute. each page has something for her to do. ex: tie a rope and bang it into the walls, drag on the ground, take it into the shower with you, mail it to you, put something sticky here, write one word all over the pages....ect. the second page said burn this page, so we used the candle lighter and burnt the corner. funny. She totally digs it and i think is writing in it right now! hee hee.

I think i might make her a little church bag too. Her grandma gave her a dress and it doesn't fit it might get choped up and put into a little bag. It's a cute turqouise plaid fabric too....still thinking on that one.


Blogger Carin said...

plaid for a church bag sounds AWESOME!!!

20/5/08 6:21 PM  

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