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Good morning, it's a lovely day outside....

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whosies--written whatnots: Good morning, it's a lovely day outside....


Good morning, it's a lovely day outside....

good morning, good morning!! it's a lovely day outside, good morning, good morning to YOu and you and you.....
i'll keep this short and sweet since the last 2 have been sour and long!!!
Saturday finds at the garage sales....this is what i found at the last garage sale i went to for the day...patience is a virtue. ;)
1st up-- cute embroideries....they were in frames and have been let out!! They will be made into something, not sure....maybe the fruit stuff into a sewing kit with those little ones into pockets for scissors and such. The girls, book covers???
ok. really i don't know.

2nd up--- x-stitch table cloth. i think it is around 45"square. i use these on point on a table and change them out every once in awhile. Then a bag of lace for 10cents!! and then 6 pillow cases for 50cents. maybe some cute dresses for the youngest girl with plenty to spare.....bags for the others????
I left the best for last!!

3rd up- hand needleturned applique quilt top. This gal scalloped the edges and then added a ruffle trim on 3 sides. Like a coverlet. Some of the fabric in thin and there is a few tiny holes in the white top. not sure what to do with this. I am definitly removing the lace edging. not liking that!! Do i want to keep it as a coverlet? (display only really) do i want to get it hand quilted? Maybe do that myself? (that moves the date of the quilt----not sure what it is to begin with)
Oh it was 5$!!!!!! what a steal!!
After a bit of Chore Land i will be in Dream it up ---make it up Land!!
Have a great Day everyone....


Blogger Carin said...

Great finds!!

4/5/08 1:41 AM  

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