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Plushie explosion and binding party

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whosies--written whatnots: Plushie explosion and binding party


Plushie explosion and binding party

Today i finished up the quilt---quilting it. This is the Buggy Barn Crazy Churndash pattern. Love it. I had always wanted to do one. Me and a few other gals got together and did them at a quilt retreat one weekend. It was loads of fun. We each brought prizes and put them all in a pile. Then during the evening we drew names and such and we got to go pick stuff out. We each ended up with like 3-4 things. It was a lot of fun. So here is my finished top and will go presently to the "binding" pile.
Yesterday i had soooo much fun. Let me tell you.....I made plushes, stuffies, whatever you may call them with my kids. I made them each draw a picture of what kind of plush they would like. Then we took the pictures, made copies, picked fabrics, fur (felted sweaters i picked up this weekend at garage sales) and sewed away!!!
Here is pictures of the finished product and thier origional drawings:
This is the oldest daughters. She had drawn a unicorn first, but after the giraffe guy (that will be seen later) I said no way. So we looked around and found a picture similar to her and this is what she ended up as.
This is 7 year old boy. He loves teadies.. Notice the picture has overalls, but he said it was getting warmer and he wanted him to have shorts and a short sleeve shirt. So there ya go.
This is 6 year old boys. He has such a different look on life. He first drew the bear with a fox on his shirt, but decided he wanted a Giraffe. Go figure. This guy was tricky, i sure did learn a lot. His head doesn't stand up by itself, not sure on that one. Check out that argyl wool sweater. perfect for the giraffe, but a little itchy for my sensitive guy.
This is 4year old daughter. She is a pinky girl!!! boy does she love it! I don't know if you can see her drawing, but check out those eyes! She was sooo pink i thought the skirt might help. Oh, she needed fingers too and i had to keep sewing her mouth becuase she kept saying, go up, now longer.... she knew exactly what she wanted.
If any of you have ever wanted to get better at making plushies this would be the way!! yikes. i sure did learn a lot....How do i make a sleeve? How do we make shorts, shirt...on the body with out making them clothes, fingers, and how do we make a belly for the animals with 4 legs? All of these were answered and learned. There should be a book on how to construct plushies with all these and more tricks, and doings in it.
I got some stuff in the mail again!! i love that! Here is my plush swap. Aren't they cute?! She decided to send me her first and second attempt. They are so funny. She also sent along some snack bags. They are lined cotton bags with velcro all the way across the top so nothing falls out. Plus there were 2 napkins!! How nice is she? Love them all!! thanks
I will be sending (post) an invitation for a binding party. I thought that i might give you a head start on things. Next week...starting monday we will have a week long party. Anyone with a quilt to bind may participate. Each time you finish a quilt (get it bound) you leave a comment and your name will be put into a pile for a drawing. then at the end --the next monday--- a name will be drawn. I need to gather up a few things for the prizes. Maybe i'll have a few different ones. I haven't decided yet. So the more you get bound, the more chances you have for winning. How does that sound?! I will send the invite out on Sunday i think with everything spelled out for us.
Party on....

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Blogger Julie said...

Cute little plushies, Becky. I'll bet the kids love them. I will be happy to bind....

29/4/08 5:07 PM  

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