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So yesterday ---that was the 1st day of May--- it SNOWED!!! who would have thought?! i heard something this morning on the radio, he said "i don't think mother nature remembered to turn on the hot switch. " kind of funny.
I think though that it is wearing me down. This cold, hot---can i wear shorts? question every morning....what kind of weather is it today? (this coming from the kids of course) Then it's tooo cold! let's play inside ---and drive mom crazy! It's too hot ---let's play inside----and drive mom crazy!!! What? How?

Here's the thing. i don't mind spring weather, infact i like it the most. But, when it really can't make up it's mind as to one day 80 the next's a little tooo much. do you know what i am saying?

That being said it is like spring fever going around here. I have felt a little overwhelmed the last week of so. It isn't because of all that i am doing, it is really because of all that i am NOT doing. Like cleaning up the house (doing more than sweeping), keeping the closets a little under control, Making the kids do something...anything! My honey has been saying some hints lately, of course i have been ignoring them! i think that has become more than obvious.

So last night (of course it hits at 9pm) i dump all the girls clothes from their drawer on the floor. Go through everything, sort, discard, garage sale, and fold back into the drawers. That feels a lot better now! I still need to do their closet, but it is halfway done.

The boys room is next. I think i am better off doing this without their help ( i have one that gets quite attached to his shirts).

The toy room will be next after that! YIKES, that is one room where i look at it and go "where do i even start? They have wonderful buckets that keep all their toys sorted and put on shelves. But believe me with all the garage sales, and thrift store "finds" it get just a little ...ok a lot....overwhelming. So this will take a few days or one L O N G afternoon.

I tackled the closet under the stairs (where all my drops go) Girl Scouts stuff, bottling, jams, sauces... frames, some decorations....anything i don't really know where to put, or wait i do (downstairs---but who wants to take it there?!) goes. It has gotten quite congested. That is now a nice area (some great donated items to the garage sale pile too).

I also attacked the sewing area. The 6 foot table that has my cutting board was being over run by all the doings of whatever day. I kept pushing them out of the way, but it finally caught up to me. i was shoving and then piling. So now it is much better. I can see ALL the measurements on the cutting mat!! yay!!! that enough of the blahs? Is anyone else in the clean out mood?

I have made a count of my quilts and here is the pile:
I have a total of 9 quilts. they range in size, and shape. I even have one with a curved border. Some have the bindings on them (sewn to one side--but not finished on the other), most do not though. Is everyone getting a count going? Every finished one gets your name in the drawing. (still finding things, the cleaning out helped)
I sneaked in a garage sale this morning with the kids today. Take a look at my new collection (this is crazy! oh. i am crazy. ) i got 6 wool sweaters --one i am thinking i might keep for myself-- and the other 5 --- of course they were quickly shrunk and felted and are currently drying on the back porch table. aren't they lovely? :) And to think 50 cents each. what a steal!!! She said she travels a lot and that some of them have been all over the world---little did she know they were going to be transformed into some lovable plushies!
i think that is enough rambling for today. sorry it is soooooo loooong!! i feel better though. thanks--
invites for the binding party is coming on sunday...remember to take a look and sign up!


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