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It's all about me girls----

Let me tell you about my day- Normal things in the morning.... before i can start my day i have to tell you a little history
last saturday i went to a baby shower. There were some presents there, in the give-away basket to take home. We drew numbers and then got to pick something out. So i chose A BakeSale Cookbook. Great book, but really not interesting to me right now.......soooooo i chose to take it back to Barnes and Nobles and get me a gift certificate. Is that naughty of me? (it's all about me)
Then i showed off my exemption forms for my kids (we homeschool) and got a educators card. This gets me i guess 20% off any school related books.....but since this week is Teachers appreciation week it is off of anything i purchase!!! yay for mee!!!!!
I picked up this book....Denyse Schmidt Quilts . Does it get any better than that? Discount, plus the gift card?! Check it out---it has some great different ideas, that are not all the you know what i mean? It's all about me!!!
Of course i did get a few school related items for my kids :)

I went a little thrift shopping today too....must have been in a spending mood. who knows.
I got some eyes!! ya, some know the round things that are pre-made for softies!! i got big ones, little ones, and even some cat eyes. all in their package.... they are all staring at me wanting out into the big world to take a look! I also got a cute pillow case for a dress, and a long skinny x-stitch sampler pattern. i have seen some use these on pin cushions and such. i'll have to try it out sometime.I also picked up 12 trays. these babies are pink and blue floral fiber-glass 1970's big trays. They are nice though and will come in handy when we have lots of guests., beads to dump, picnics to carry outside.....just lovely--hmmmmm
sorry no pics....wait until they are made up into something cute i guess.....i am just being lazy today. I can be, it's all about me!!

So the day is good---then at 5:55 my mother calls and asks "where are you?" i say oh, crap--- i forgot!! I am saying this while licking my fingers (more strawberry jam---oh come on the packets were $1 at walmart!!!) and heating the oven for a white bundt cake for strawberry shortcake later on. Grandma Birthday dinner with all the girls in the family at Chilis. So me and the 2 daughters leave the jam---still needed to be processed, leave the cake ---already mixed, but not in oven yet...tell the dear honey to cook the cake and find some leftovers, and jump in the car and head out...good thing no traffic ,miracle---i say so, and we get to have dinner with the girl side of the family!! fun---late, but fun....
Upon returning home i found everything good--i know some of you were worried!

Then checking out my big long list of blogs i like tonight i find this: It's all about me!!!

Check it out. Calico Daisy did a blurb on my tutorial that i entered in Sew, mama, sew contest. I unfortunately didn't win (maybe another time) but i got a lot of good comments and responses off of it. But i digress....check her out. It's all about me!!!

Then Vintage Fern did a blurb on me on her blog too!!! We did a trade---me pocket people, her all that stuff i got and showed off earlier, bags, shirts, tea-towels...ect. Great stuff....anyways (again) She has a some wonderful pics of the house she made and the furniture. I saw a few of the things when i went to trade, but now it is all finished. It's all about me!!!

So how about that!!! What a great end to a sort of great day.....

Fun Stuff....if i do say so myself. It's nice to be noticed and then recognized. we should all take a little time and notice someone else today....oh it's almost over, how about tomorrow?

Is it all about you?!!!


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