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I think that i am having DeJaVu..... I am still doing bindings!! I quilted one twin today and then did 3 bindings (2 queen and the one twin). This is still for the Humanitarian project. Oh, my gosh if i see/do one more binding!! It is such a good thing that i did what i needed to bind first and then these!!! I am hoping that there are no bindings for me to do in the near future. This is the end ---- i think.....

Let's move on shall we?!

HEre are the SAturday findings:

I am really not sure if he is old or not....hard to tell. He is outlined stitched and then it has been colored in very lightly inside. There is a fluffy green trim all the way around, i think you can barely see it. It goes great with my striped green chair in my bedroom. Old or not, i love it...+ i bought it from an old man for 50cents. hee, heee (that was his price!!!)

I hit the mega load at one church rummage sale. She had boxes, and boxes, labeled CR for CRAFT!! none were opened, so i just opened and searched. She had a lot of embroidery kits, but i got some yarn, some binding edges, a pillow case, a sheet, and some vintagy fabrics.

I also got 4 sweaters. I haven't felted them yet. I really need to start making things with them. I am getting toooo many!! oh....can i really have to many? not so sure---

All in all i did pretty good. I got some lovely old reader books for my 7 year old for school too. They have such great stories in them. Maybe i'll steal some pictures and use them for stitching or something.

I am still making my mother's day present for my mom. It just needs to be tweaked a little bit and then i'll show it off. My Honey's mother -ROSE- has been gone for a little over 2 years now. She had Louse Gehrig's Disease (spelling?). Miss her lots--she liked to listen to my brainstorms, but i am spared the torture---well, uncomfortableness of "is it good enough, will they like it, what do i do this year...ect. you know what i am talking about!!!

It's almost harder with my mom, who has it all!!! I think i did good this year..can't wait to show it. We aren't having a get together this next week so i don't know when i will give it to her....oh, maybe i'll make it a mail surprise...hey....

Until tomorrow----Happy Day to all and to all a good night......

oh, my heck - i just hit this and had to spread it on.... Are there any "Twilight" book lovers out there? Well, here is the trailer for the moving coming out in DECEMBER!!!! i won't pre-judge it for you...just go take a look....


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