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Eye Candy----mmmmmmm

This is the HMQS Show in Salt Lake City. Here is a view down one of the aisles. Pretty big. The show was great, the vendors were fun, and there was lots, and lots to look at.
My honey took the 2 kids and i took the other two (the girls) and we headed on down to the show. My partner in crime (you know who you are--Leann) was going with, but a last minute call from the school and one child standing in the hallway with the garbage pail cancelled all plans of selfishness.....mother hood first.

Who said that? ......

I'll show this one off first. This is the Last Supper Quilt. If any of you have ever seen it--it is CRAZY!!! an older man (he was there today) did this a little bit of time ago. I know you can't tell but each peice is 1" cut, ending in 1/2 " finished. Whatever ;) takes a man to do that huh?!

It is really a spectacular quilt though, but as i always say "that's not for me"......

Now- back to normal ladies:

i am just going to show off what i thought was cute. This one was done in repro fabrics. i have a pile of feed sack material and this might work for the pattern. still looking....

just liked the little logs in the border, and it lookes a little zigzagity.

This was a shared youth quilt. The flowers are cute (raggy) i have seen this before, but look at the border! love those butterflies...what a cute surprise!!

This was a cute pink in person (not sure about now). Not that i would ever do this one, but it is very cute.

I think this basket one is my favorite of the day. For some reason i love it!! They are all fun, and lovely. don't you just like it?!

This one: Very retro, fun, whatever.... it has Amy Butler (love her) fabric in it. I have a little pile of Kaffe Faucet fabrics that just might work for something crazy like this. He might just approve... is this okay Kaffe?! ( i met him last year at spring market, and then at a trunk show he did...lovely chap!!)

This one is all wool!!! This was a block of the month thingie with a group. I just might have to make me little kits and take them camping next week. I haven't decided yet what to bring and work on. hummmmmm..

I of course saved the all-time best for last!! Here she daughter Jerika (10--oh 11 in 2 weeks) standing in front of her quilt! She really does like to sew, when i give her the time. She did the peicing, she did the quilting. When we get it home, i will take closer shots for you to see the cupcakes in the border and stuff. There are applique cupcakes, and candies that she designed, cut out and ironed on. Can you tell she like purple? This will go in her Trussau...along with the other ones. Isn't she cute?

After walking, shoppin, ooohing, and awwwing, we left. then got 2 blocks away and i said....wait...there weren't any ribbon quilts. Where were the ribbon quilts? Much to the shagrin of the girls we turned around and went back....asked "where are the ribbon quilts" and they said, they haven't had the awards yet, so they are not on display. So we will all have to see them on their website together. i might share later....sorry.....

Here are my finds for the day. I got this wonderful Bird(what is my problem) fabric and then some co-ordinating fat quarters to come along. then i got a few more for another project i might get out and do. I bought from this guy last year and now again.,.... i guess we like the same stuff or something. kind of weird.

So there you have it. The trip in one long picturous blog!! Here are the girls at the end, ready to go..... i told them not to smile...but really i don't think they are pretending either. They are soooo tolerant of their mothers obsessions!!
The little one said after being there for 5 minutes....i'm ready to go back into the car......


Blogger Carin said...

I am supposed to "rest" but I am going tomarrow if it kills me:O)

8/5/08 4:05 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

I forgot about the quilt show--dang it!! We have family coming all weekend,so wo is me, I'll have to go next time. That Last Supper Quilt is out of control. I really like the basket one, too. My girls feel just like yours--the moans are audible...

8/5/08 5:55 PM  
Blogger Shelina said...

Thanks for taking us to the quilt show with you! My sister offered to go to a quilt convention with me once. She said, we can go from 1 to 2 o'clock. Huh! I told her I'm going when it opens and not leaving until they kick me out, and repeat the following day!

9/5/08 4:27 AM  

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