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Counting By Two---still!

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whosies--written whatnots: Counting By Two---still!


Counting By Two---still!

Today i got 2 more's ridiculous, i know!! my honey has been working late so after dinner i have just enough time to get them done. Tomorrow i won't be as lucky---i guess. well- really i will be as quilt group meeting. (i of course will be showing off my finally finished projects)

This was an exchange with a group. Everyone had a different color of homespun to buy, cut and distribute. They are the big center blocks, and the small squares in the left corner, and flying geese at the top. We also each had a part of the wool to do. I did the sunflower on the right side. Then we got together, traded, and sewed into the wee bit hours of the night.
i love those nights.
My edges aren't exactly square---not sure what happened there? ? huh? but it turned out ok. i might (if i can find a wall) hang it. it really was a fun quilt to do.

The pattern was in the Quilt Sampler i think-better homes and gardens-- magazine. this is the one that they go through the country and find great quilt shops. then they do a story on them and they do a quilt. this was one. The whole mag this time had some wonderful quilts in it.

Disclaimer: Beware of the worst quilt i have ever done...... don't say i didn't warn you:

this i did a few years back....block of the month....i thought, hey I'll do each block a different color on color......yikes !!! please no one try this at your own home...... not sure what else to WILL definitely go to the donation pile.....don't feel will be all right......someone might like it...... it will be labeled "anonymous".......

This is what i found earlier today:

Can you tell she (sage) is sleeping on her back with her feet up......she is suposed to be an "outdoor" cat --that is what the honey said---- but she is still a bit to small, something might get her. So for now she is snuggling up in the batting and enduring the 4 year olds over-love, i think deep down she like it!

ok. tomorrow--quilt show, how exciting is that?!



Blogger Julie said...

At least it's not BROWN--HEEEHEEE!!
You have been one busy woman. I think I will get my rear in gear when school is out. I'm on overload mode right now, and nothing seems to be gettin accomplished. Have a great day.

8/5/08 5:53 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Maybe you will think I'm retarded, but I think that your "worst quilt you ever made", is cute! I do have kindof funky bold style, and that quilt is definately funky and bold! I just went and set up my things for The Art Market, there are some cute things there!

9/5/08 12:46 AM  

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