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2 down many more to go....

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whosies--written whatnots: 2 down many more to go....


2 down many more to go....

i have 2 quilts finished!! i know, i know...before everyone freaks out, let me tell you. I did the roll over method. Now this is also known as cheat binding....i don't really care. it's simple, does the job and is a lot quicker than the traditional way. I have 3 more that are cut and ready, but not sure if i will be able to roll those. (there were some spots that didn't have enough, so either the border gets cut, or i do the add the binding on and turn it method). So without further adu..

This one has a few white spots intermingled with the blue. I like it when binding changes sometimes. gives a little bit more character.

This one is the 5" square charm packs. I had this light blue sort of vintagey looking fabric for awhile now. It works for this quilt pretty good. It has little kids playing ball and stuff, with green spurts of grass. cute.
On a different note.. i sent off today another plush swap. there was a mixup and i sent one to the gal that was sending one to me, instead of sending it to the gal they gave me...anyways...i know it confused me too....but the bunny made it's way to her and her daughter loved it. they sent a picture with them together. That made my day!!
So here is swap #2 going on it's way:
Her eyes really aren't that dark! they are a greenish color. She is made out of the sheet i got. The skirt does lift up, but since it is sewn into the sides it doesn't move very well. i will try something new next time. These are really quite fun to make!! and the sheet is crazy cute. She is very lovable.
I put a link on the right side (doing whatnots together). You can go there to check out the rules for the binding party, and leave any comments or questions. Just thought it might be easier to keep it organized + i can use it again if i want!! I will still add your link in the list on this blog.
Happy Binding gals!!! Let me know how it's going!!


Blogger Carin said...

nothing wrong with rolled binding! Fishised is better than not and there are no quilt police :O)

5/5/08 10:57 PM  

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