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whosies--written whatnots: LILY NAN



Here she is!!!

I love her. I am not sure what my favorite part is. .....Her long hair, her big eyes, that she is painted, or maybe her shoes...ok it's all of it. How lucky am i. Then to boot there were extras in the box. A stretchy bracelet, some wood heads, pin backs, a cute little hat box, and some soft and lovely mohair yarn. (i must use that immediatly on something).

The girls named her Little Lily but i think i might just add Andrea or Nan to that. so Lily Nan....she looks really like my cousin who passed away last month. I made her the pink quilt.

The maker of Lily Nan is Cindy. She doesn't have a blog yet, but she has set up a flickr group (don't know how those work yet). Here is her link
Here are the Final 2 quilts that were in my pile!! Can you believe? i can't either....

This bug jar quilt was an exchange i think 3 years ago or something. Everyone made a jar then we traded. On top of the yellow bottle on it's side is a chameleon that a freind paper pieced. all the borders were black so they all kind of just float there. fun. They are all different. love the variety. this one was fun to do.

This here quilt was something i saw on Simply Quilts when it was on air. This is made out of a pre-quilted fabric. you cut the edges off. sew them on the opposite side, and then where your seam allowance is you put either a ribbon or a strip of fabric (raw edges ironed in) on top to cover them. pretty snifty don't ya think? they had a scalloped border, so i attempted this (not sure that i like it, or that it is consistant) so look at the finished pictures. each side is opposit of the other. makes a good utility blanket really. should have made this one larger. it is really like around 45"square. I finished sewing the binding by hand in the car today.

So there ya have it!! The pile of bindings has disapeared!! yay---now to make some new ones. That pile can't be gone for too long!
As if i didn't have enough of my own to do, me and one other gal got snagged into helping out the church in making quilt tops (4 queen + 3 twin) for the humanitarian center here in SLC. We met over at the church, there were 5 quilt frames set up. we hand tyed with a bunch of other gals from 5-10 pm. All the queens got tyed and the 3 twins we will take home and quilt on the big machine and bind. So in between tying the quilts, i bound 3--big ones!!! i have one more to do at home. i think i get extra credit for those babies!! So wait, i guess my binding pile isn't empty---
oh man.... ok.... keep on keep'n it on......


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