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Mothers DAy

I'm a little late, but happy mothers day to all!! hope everyone had a great day.

I wore my bracelet i bought myself. Isn't it lovely?! Here's the honeys middle name it TABEAL (pronounce---tab(like the drink) E(long e) Ale (like the drink) does that help?) ANyways.. we call him TAB (like the drink) for short. So when i saw these being sold i just couldn't help it. The center is an old typewriter key (tab) and then the sides are silver spoons cut and then bent. There is a strong magnet closure and a little black bead toggle. Love it. Thanks to me!!
in his defence he did give me a corsage that i wore. it was nice.
Here is my moms mothers day present:
I made this out of the Sheet. Then i put one layer of batting in it to give it some weight. I made little pockets for the cards and envelopes, and pens (not there yet). Then there are some ribbon ties for keeping it closed.
Here is a shot of the cards. I saw this on this site. except i didn't embroider it, i just had each of my kids draw (on a pre-cut sized paper) with markers. Then i went to the copy place and had them copied on cardstock. I know now to pay better attention to how they are layed so they will fold right. Darn it!!
Then i cut them out with wiggly scissors. This was kind of fun....the kids liked it too...
So i hurried and finished this so i could mail it off today. That was such a good idea...who thought of that?!
I will be gone --camping in southern utah .....goblin valley.... tomorrow until friday. Then when i pull into the house i grab my other packed bags---get back into the car (without anyone else) and drive to Eden, Utah for a quilting retreat!!!
That means i won't be posting until next Sunday. That is a long time!! So until then, happy sewing and keep those bindings rolling!!!


Blogger Carin said...

Rebecca I live just on the other side of the mountian from Eden,UT!
What a beautiful place for a quilt retreat!

12/5/08 10:01 PM  

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