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Cat Trickery

Just take a look and a guess as to what she...Sage... is doing:

Did you say "checking out the fish?", or "learning how to swim?", or "determining if the top will hold her?", well... those are all wrong!!!

She is DRINKING!!! now, this might seem obsurd to us, but think about it....we flavor our water with lemon, rasberry, even why not fish?!!!! This girl is no blond- she's got it!!!

This is what i saw last night at 4 am getting a drink (in a cup) for the 4 year old. I look over and there she is slurping away. Then this evening again...of course i had to come equiped with the camera. Can you believe? I told Jerika that she needs to add a little more water so she won't fall in trying to reach it.....her water bowl downstairs...still full. How long has this been going on? hmmmm

It's finished!!

My mother called (she just worked her last day at the high school as a Councilor last friday- she retired yay) and said come on up and let's sew!! Who wouldn't want to do that? So i gather the kids, load up the machine and quilt pieces, and off we go. We arrive, she hands me a work shirt, and pants, and even sandles and says "let's plant some flowers first---just one hour---and then we'll sew" what?! so i changed like a good little daughter, dug some holes for some trees, and really just one hour later we were done...they looked nice, we talked good, and it really was a nice time together outside, in the somewhat nice it was ok.
Then we went in (i changed) and set the machines up. I had 2 extra pinwheels, so i made 2 more and stuck them in each corner. I had BARELY enough fabric for the 6" borders. There is one 20" streach that is pieced length wise with 3, 2" strips. Hopefully some quilting will disguise that!!! But it really turned out nice...i think...very pink.

This is the top i did at Houston Market, then put the blocks together at the quilt retreat last week. I needed to do the borders. I stuck the green one first and then tried a few different ones....the checkered one (just like the pattern shows) and a floral one (same as the center of the blocks). Too busy, too washed we went with....more pink!!!
This will definitly be given to Eliza the pink monster. She doesn't have as many quilts as bigger sister and she loves pink. what a perfect match.

It will go into the -to be quilted pile-- i need to have a quilting week again or something.....

oh- hey did anyone do any bindings during the 2 week binding binge? just wondering?

off i go to see if the cat needs a drink :)


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