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Thrifted, Gifted and Made Spring Cleaning Swap

Thrifted, Gifted and Made Spring Cleaning Swap was the are the items. i had been matched up with a gal who knits. She is just a beginner knitter she this is what i put together for her:
7 different sizes of knitting needles--got a great deal on these babies!! yay

1 pillow case knitting needle case, made this one. Used the big hem for the top of the pockets (that was nice and easy). Did a folder over flap for the top to keep them all in and not falling out.---hate it when that happens!-- and a white ribbon tie on the edge.

1 bi-fold book. This is laminated and has every stitch (basics, i think) that you knit. Easy reference and quick too. There is one larger pocket this fits into. When the book is in it folds in 3rds and not in a roll. So really it is up to her to decide how she likes it.

4 Skeins of yarn. These are miss-matched but they are all kind of the same colorways. They could easily be doubled up or used together for accents and such.

Not sure if that is it, or if there will be anything more. I might buy one magazine on knitting for fun reading.....boy do i love fun reading!!

I love doing these trades. I find all of them at SwapDex ---if your in the mood, hop on over and check them out. I think they are all going right now, but they will be updating pretty soon again. I have had good luck so far, and have loved all that i have gotten from other crafty gals.

These are the ones i am doing this time:
the toad stool swap, different but isn't that the point? gotta try everything once!!
The Flirty Apron Skirt swap....i just picked up some fabric today for that one. not really tooooo firecracky, but a cute red, white, and blue fake hexagon pattern matterial. I am hoping to follow the curve at the bottom for a cute hem...wish me luck!
A different plush swap. I know, i know... i couldn't help myself!
The Not too Shabby Summer Swap... i picked up some different fabric today for this one too. I am thinking ...i typed it all out and then checked on the blog and found out the partners where announced sooooo i will not let it out of the "bag".... ;) ok?! that's all the hints!

Now i must go and find some "snacks" and "good reading" oh really, i must stop that.....
Happy swapping!

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