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Pack'n them Up

Here we go ....i decided today that i would work on my i did!!! well, ok yesterday i did the summer one (still need to add things to that baby) + the knitting thingie...but here are some more!!

This is for the 4th of july apron swap. I thought, even though it isn't fireworks and such it is quite summery and it is still red, white, and blue...there are just a few other vintage colors with it! I followed the scallop along the bottom and then put a big red pocket on the one side. it was just a bit too plain so i put a bow on it. i have to remind myself sometimes to "make it bigger". I have a tendancy to make things a little small (i am a cheapskate...i really have to watch it!) so i did good with this one. I made the ties BIG 3" big, with the cute little point at the end. FANcy--

Here is my little plush trade. Again with the small thing (she is 8"tall) not too big.... I decided to add a little "pillowcase" for her to go into with a pull ribbon to pull tight at the top. She is totally made out of sheets. Her body, her dress, and her bag...oh even her hair! Her neck is just a bit longer than i would like so i made her a scrap neclace and tied a bow around it. The dress wasn't quite as long as i would have liked either, so i added the lace trim at the bottom. I hope she loves the people she finds at the other end!

This is not a trade!! This is my birdcage in the dining room/kitchen. For a few days now "best buddy" as my 4 year old named him....hmmm...anyways... he has been doing the rise and shine tweets at 6 in the morning. SOOOOOOoooo last night i whipped this up! I used the sheet again---already hemmed at the bottom----perfect! cut the hieght (i couldn't figure out how to spell that) and then put a small hem at the top, thread a ribbon through, and voila!! the perfect fit birdcage cover! He seems to like it ( i know, it's girlie) and this morning all was quite! yay

There is one trade that just started that i thought i would put a shoutout...vintage sheet swap
You cut fat quarters and then get back that many in other patterns. how fun is that! let the cutting begin........


Blogger Julie said...

Becky, What? I just signed up--you get me in to so much trouble!!! Sounds fun though. I like getting stuff in the mail besides bills--so that's a great motivator!! Your apron is so cute--you go girl.

22/5/08 7:53 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Best Buddy? That is the most awesome bird name since Uncle Feather (from Superfudge). Your cage cover looks lovely too. :)

Thanks for the shout out!

23/5/08 2:56 PM  

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