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Appreciation Appreciated

Sometimes it's nice to get something from someone for no reason, just because. Today Amy came by and dropped off a little gift from Kansas. She works for Handi Quilter and is in charge of everything they take to shows, housing, ect...she came back last week and mentioned that she had a little something for me. Not quilt related she added, but something i would enjoy.

So today she rang the bell and handed me a Fake Quilt Tatoo!!!! yay for me... we had been discussing Mrs McTavish (she is a professional quilter) and her sleeve tatoos. She has both done now with feathering quilting on one and i think her McTavish meandor on the other.....ooooooo i said... in a facinating way. She of course is appauled and i was loving it!

I am not sure when, or where i use it. I am quite tickled though. Funny, how little things just getcha...
(don't worry,,,,,,it's supposed to be backwards)
I had a girl scout short meeting to go to this evening and then off to quilt group. We were shown how to make a folded log cabin. I have my foundation to do one. I think i'll make it and turn it into a hot pad. Maybe i'll throw it in with the apron trade.
Here is the other item i just came home to after all of that:
This was from a church lady and it was accompanied by a nice card, saying thanks for helping out with the quilts and all with the Humanitarian project we did a week ago. Ok, the card really would have been nice, but the strawberries, and then the Chocolate!!! yea, Chocolate. Aren't they pretty?!
This makes me think that i really should be more aware of others and how they help me. I think maybe a few little gifts every once in awhile would be good of me to give, not just trade!
i will be thinking about who, what, when, where and how....while i eat some strawberries of course......mmmmmmmm


Blogger Julie said...

Hey Becky,
I had an appreciation day today, too. I got a little tile saying, note and chocolate from Karissa's teacher. I also got a Bath and Body Works wallflower from the computer lady because I help her with Rebecca's class. I agree with you, I appreciate the appreciation. I appreciate you and your friendship, too. It was good to see you last night at Main Street. How did the log cabin thing go? Thanks for your help on getting me in blogland. I have had fun doing it. Have a great day. Julie

22/5/08 5:24 PM  

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