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Today was "pretend your a farmer" Day for us here. Here are the three "plowing" the garden. The kids are sure eager to "help" plow. Not sure about the honey's face. he's thinking this is going on her blog isn't it?!! why, he can read minds---such an amazing guy!

We got the tracktors (yes that is plural---it's the honey's falt) He got a'plowin and i got a'mowin. Come to think of it, i should have challenged him to a race! i think the mower would have won...yup!
So now this large are has been plowed! i am determined this year to have a large pumpkin patch for the kids. I bought one large Martha Stewart package of 5 different kinds of pumpkins so that should be some fun!
The other part, just the same old stuff.....zuchini, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes-yay, and cucumbers (if they will grow this year). I have been thinking today that food at the store is just WAY to expensive...but really what has gone up? milk and cheese are the worst. i know it is the gas prices that are doing it, but i haven't seen Oreos go up, or how come?? Those "basics" are able to rip us off.....hmmmmm.... can one live on oreos alone? ok, enough of that!

If you didn't know, you do now...we have chickens. They love the dirt (it would be on the fenceline next to the neighbors). This here is "buzz" the duck. He is Jarom's. he has moved in with the girls because winter was soooo stinking cold...anyways. He loves those girls. While the honey was plowing he stood in front of their coop door and wouldn't let the girls out. Such the protector!!!

Not sure who snuck this picture in, but thought i would share...first they are not fighting (though i am not sure they are playing together either) second Eliza is wearing her "high heel" shoes. I had to paint her bitten finger nails today too, such a girl. Can't resist the extra tall dirt mound still in the back yard!
This here is my newest arrival!! her name is Meli... isn't that cute! She is a lamb--perfect and right on time for her---on our farmer family day! She is ALL handstitched. Now that is patience. I absolutely adore her, her cheeks, her ears, her APRON!! hee, hee...oh and her little belly button, and her name on her bum.
She came with a tag with her likes, and interests...very cute.
Here is Leigh's blog. Thank you it! yours is on her way---
To go along with the farmer girl day...i wore my apron around and i am going to make some homemade graham crackers....crazy girl doesn't want to go the store--darn those prices...i'll let you know how it goes. They are chilling in the fidge, oh stove beeped--ready to cook!!
Hope everyone has a great springy, farmery, lovely weekend......baaaaahhhhh


Blogger Simone said...

Tractor Races!!! You guys have too much fun. Glad to see that Meli found a good home. The best thing about these swaps is that you get to "visit" with all these interesting people and their blogs.

27/5/08 9:59 AM  

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