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Cheapskate additions

Here is the happy Birthday girl with her best friend and cousin Kylie (on the left)!! We had her stay the night and of course had her draw a stuffie and voila!! There you have it ----a wonderful dog! She picked the purple and green sweater for her belly and ears + a collar and flower. The outer is a tan lovely casmere, very soft. She had itchy eyes and nose....we think it is from the CAT!!! not the dog...

Our memorial day was filled with a Narnia movie and dinner at the Olive Garden mmmmmmm for both! The movie--great. Loved it. and the dinner----great. Loved it.

I added a few things to my "trades" going out. I know, i know...but if they stay here long enough i feel like it really good enough, did i put enough in it?, did i cheapskate it? So here it is:

I added this folded log cabin hot pad. Do you see the mistake? the red on the left is NOT supposed to be there !! I put a little pocket on the back so you can slip your hand in it and not get burned.

I found this book at a discount store and thought i would add it too!! we don't have any real traditions past the watching fireworks thing, so this caught my eye. I looked through it--funny stuff, but there was some great recipes. It has every holiday in there! you name it, they had a dinner planned for it!! Hope she likes them.

Then i looked up a tutorial on making your own knitting markers. i couldn't find any toggles that i thought would be big enough for the bigger needles, so i just bought key rings...the ones you use...well- just look at the picture ok.! then these black word beads are totally cute. Very easy to do and quick too.

I did a few bags last night. I needed some down time i think, after the movie and dinner. I ate WAY TOO MUCH
I made them out of sheet fabric and then added some appliques onto them. This one is a long skinny bird and the other has a bright green butterfly. I put them in the Etsy shop.

This week i will be working on Garage sale stuff. I need to get rid of some things!! The add has been placed and there is no backing out now!! I'm sure i will be able to slip in some sewing also..hee, hee....oh, what am i doing?! just sorting, yea, just sorting...lalalala


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