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Over the top

Gals- i just wanted to let everyone know that Marilyn is not a Cheapskate!!! I got a big (and i mean big) box from her yesterday. W-O-W....i am really speachless. People are soooo generous with their stuff. I am a little overwhelmed. ok. a lot.....

She had everything wrapped individually in tissue paper and then a big fat polka dot ribbon. It was so much fun to open each one, ooooo, and ahhhhh. Jerika says it was like my birthday!! Let me tell you all about it.

a tin full of vintage buttons. she said she is a collector, i believe it!

a piece of fabric with birds all over it.

a large white sheet with some crochet edging on part of it.

a crocketed head scarf in purpley blue with little blue beads in it.

a handful of vintage ribbon. my favorite was the lady bug linen one.

just a minute i have to look at the picture to see what else. there was so much!

oh- a very lovely linen long shelf runner with blue flowers and tan oulining and edging crochet.

a box of vintage handkercheifs

and 6 (they are not shown) chenelle crochet thread. Ready to be made into something wonderful!

I am not sure if she has a blog or website...i am waiting to find out. when i get that i will definitly pass that right along!

I really love doing trades, but she went over the top!! i might have to just send her a little something in thankyous....

After searching the web/blogs for a moment earlier today i ran into this:
Doll patterns from Minori Designs...

She was on Martha stewart that is why the link to her. It is a great doll. haven't tried it, but of course will. Someone earlier had asked how to do hair on the Pixie doll , she has one idea. it isn't the way i did it. (i pinned it and then they got caught in the seam) but this works great.
If anyone tries this out let me know, i want to take a look!!

Here is Minorie site too.

ok, after a day at the dump with the honey (why is it we all get into the trap of cleaning up "the other" house?---that would be the one he is building) i know i should help, but it is his "project"....i think i need a model for my next apron "project".

who to help...hmmmm....

honey????? :)

i just had to add something. swapdex has a few new swaps up. here is one that we are definitly doing. right up my alley!! Making little stuffed friends, taking them on a trip, and sending them to their new homes with all the info + a little souviner!! what's not to love? this will keep the kids entertained and that is for sure!! our first adventure is next week to City of Rocks in Idaho. happy traveling to us and the new ones jumping on!!


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