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Christmas Eve Inventory

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Christmas Eve Inventory

So it's Christmas Eve gals!!! {as if you didn't already figure that one out} 
today--- delivering goodies,

maybe a movie, wrapping presents -of course i wait to the last-, and stuffing some good stuff in stockings. I took inventory yesterday...i think i did pretty good. Not too much, not too little.
I am saving all the neighbor goodies for tonight. We'll have our own 'party' loaded with some great stuff! mmmmm.

I just wanted to remind you gals that there will be some good stuff Starting December 26th!! So, when you need a little break from the family and all the goodies you are eating stop on by here and check it out.  ok. i guess you can bring your goodies too...i won't tell.

 Do you need a little reminder? Drop your email in the newsletter box to the right----and i'll send you one!
10 days 10 Prizes!!!
An After Christmas Giveaway.
I will have lots and lots of ways to get extra entries---- so do drop by....



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