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Altered Christmas Doll Swap

I participated in the Altered Christmas Doll Swap and i loved it!! I thought-sure i have never done that before, why not give it a go?  I know she has arrived to her new home safely and wanted to share and couldn't wait anymore.
I looked and looked at the thrift stores for just the right gal. that was tough let me tell you. So many were calling from the shelves!
This is who i ended up buying:

She is an Avon Doll. {Didn't know there was such.}

The dress was in good shape and nothing broken on her. First i started with finding and trying out a few different things....pom poms, fuzzy thread, flowers, buttons...everything! It was actualy pretty fun to audition multiple things and see what she really wanted done to her. I didn't end up adding a whole bunch, but what i did - i love!



I used some vintage clip on earings for the back of the bow center and her crown in her hair. I added a bit of pink ribbon on the bottom of her dress, a big ribbon-lace bow, a tiny doily butterfly on her front, and some flowers for her to hold. She had a blue ceramic headband that i covered with the sparkly white thread and put some more around her waist with a tiny button in the center. Not that you can't see all of that already. I should just be quiet so you can look for yourself. shhhh.

 Doesn't she seem happy now? Oh, i hope she is......

Mine have arrived!! They came yesterday!! They are so cute. I love them ---both, yes both!! 2

This is just like me, to get stuck in the 'doll' part and then get surpised by someone who thinks outside of the box! I am so lucky she does! Thanks a suber bunch Molly!!!

Thier feathers and extra little aprons are so cute! I saw a few of these in an old wire lampshade as their cage. I am on the lookout for one...... How did you know i needed birds? Thanks Molly!! They are perfect.

Wanna see the rest of the group? The whole swap? Click here!! There are some really goodies.

Starting the 26th of December I will have a
10 Day/10 Winners
for Patchwork Posse.
A lot will be going on and changing around here----
You don't want to miss out on the fun,
updates and all the new stuff!!!

I of course will be blogging normaly fun sewing stuff in between now and then. Don't you worry about that--

And Don't Forget-----
I am compiling a list of the best patterns so everyone can have a

"Make it yourself"
homemade Christmas!!
I have my own, but want to share what else is out

Do you have a
pattern/tutorial to share?
Is there a pattern/tutorial
that you found in the web world that you love?
Want to pass it along?
These can be either
patterns to buy,
or free tutorials.
Send me the link of the pattern and a link for you.
You can also write a quick summary of the pattern.
Feedback -don't we all love that?!
I would love to include them
and give you credit.


go on do it now! i want it all.

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Blogger Molly said...

I am so glad you liked your birds!! I didn't know you needed them :) My granny loved birds and when I saw them I knew I had to make them Christmasy for you. The doll I was working on for you did not turn out how I had planned and to me looked horrid, ha ha. I love my doll I named her Janey and she is on my make shift mantle (entertainment center). I hope you have a blessed and Merry Christmas!!
~Molly P

18/12/09 10:48 AM  
Blogger Jingle said...

Your doll is beautiful and those birds are so fun!

18/12/09 11:45 AM  
Blogger cindi said...

What fun! You created a sugar plum princess and you got some adorable feathered friends. Great job. Merry Christmas

19/12/09 8:04 PM  

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