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Winner #19 and Aprons

Hey Katie----yes, you Katie, hop on over here and pick up your prize will ya? You won the giveaway!!! yay. So you are receiving 1 free Membership to Patchwork Posse sewing group and 2 patterns from the shop!!!!

Now are you all dying? Trying to figure out how to peek inside the little bags? Well, grab no longer- here it is.

Along with the bags filled with little bits of wool there were tea cups and plates. Each one of us got to choose from the misc. pile a pair, and take a bag home!  They are the little house on the hill pin cushions in teacups of course! I worked on mine last night and once i get it glued down and secured i will show it off! They are so quick and fun to make! Love it!!
We met at Marilyn's home. She always has it decorated to cute for Christmas! she has a wonderful collection of hand-made Stockings. They are hung throughout her home and i thought i would share. Some day i would love to have a collection like this. Just Cute!

These are her wonderul Shephards Bush x-stitched stockings.

We picked names earlier and made our gal partner an apron! oh, i love aprons don't you? I constantly wipe my hands on the i always need them covered. :)

This one i made for Marilyn. Funny with chocolate cupcake pocket of course. Used the tutorial over on the side but made it larger for an adult. Not hard.

This one was made by Janis--Amy wasn't there to recieve it so it isn't in the picture below.

Here we all together......wendy, me, karen {my mom}, Marilyn, Julie, Angie,
and Janis {she got a pillow-bonus}-missing amy.

We also are doing a round robin. So here is my block made cute by Julie!! love it so far!!

Thanks to everyone for playing along in the giveaway and congrats to the winner! Stick with me and i will have some more giveaways!

Oh, and just because I am the shop owner----All the Patterns will stay $4.00 until Christmas!!! I know how it is...put it off, want to make it come on by and pick it up so you can--MAKE IT YOURSELF!!

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Blogger Jingle said...

The aprons are so cute! I love that cupcake! And what a cute idea to do the teacup pin cushion kits!!!

15/12/09 12:50 PM  
Blogger Sew It Up! said...

Wow you did such a great job!

15/12/09 2:06 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

What fun that was!! Thanks for all your work, Becky. It has been a great year with great friends. See ya tomorrow!! Julie

15/12/09 2:06 PM  

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